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Hi CB --

So, I'm about ready to order my second bottle of MAC since I saw some promising results with the first one. But I was wondering how many milligrams people take to reach a theraputic dose for trichotillimania? Any success stories, or stories where a certain dosage wasn't enough?

Also, I've found ordering them online to be considerably cheaper. Any suggestions as to which websites to use or price ranges to expect?

Any input appreciated. Thank you in advance!



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I take the Jarrow Formulas N-A-C Sustain 600 mg tabs (purchased on Amazon). 

I never found them helpful for trich, depression, or anxiety.  But I stand by the product-- no nausea or side effects.

I take NAC to boost glutathione when I am taking acetaminophen or drinking alcohol more often.

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Thanks for the input @lifequake. Luckily I've found it useful for my trich. A godsend for a lifelong struggle, although its not the only piece of the puzzle.

And @TakeAChillPill, I mean't NAC. Like @confused said, it stands for n-acetylcysteine. It's found to be therapeutic for a variety of disorders:


N-acetylcysteine in psychiatry: current therapeutic evidence and potential mechanisms of action

N ‐ acetylcysteine for Trichotillomania, Skin Picking, and Nail Biting

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