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Hi guys. I'm newish. Still learning the format of how this site works.

So I have definitely been engaging in some compulsions/addictive behavior today. My therapist calls my "brand" of OCD "Just Right" OCD. For me it most often comes up while shopping-grocery shopping, clothes shopping-you name it. I feel a compulsion to look at every single option of an item & making the final decision (or almost any decision in life) is agonizing. I have been known to spend hours grocery shopping & been found sitting in the aisles, reading labels.

Today it is online bra shopping. I have been on all day & HAVEN'T BOUGHT ANYTHING! :o I'm tired, my back hurts, I have shit to do, but I can't stop.

Can anybody relate? Suggestions?

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Yeah I can somewhat relate...only my experience has been with hiking equipment and sports goods. I will spend hours researching something online and then perform an iterative loop of looking at online stores and hovering of the payment button on and off for days....98% of the time I don't make a purchase. I used to have a job that afforded me a lot of internet access and I think this is where the issue started...at least with the help of a tDoc I learned that aspects  of my behaviour were actually really positive...in that I would research and try to find something that offered me some value above and beyond...there is a word for it but it escapes me atm. It also meant I would be unlikely to make impulsive purchases........mostly. What I have learned to do is to divide my day up into rough blocks of time so that I allow myself to spend a set amount of time browsing. I give my self permission to look and not buy, to research something, to exhaust all possible options....just in shorter blocks of time over a longer time period.

I accept that I take time to make decisions and try to look at the benefits of this.  

Making decisions about day to day consumables has  become easier with time  in that I have a list of things I eat, drink and use to clean etc that I stick to pretty tightly. I find this makes me feel less anxious about the time I take to makes decisions and also helps me to plan day to day finances as well.



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I agree that this isn't compulsive shopping but compulsive researching before you buy anything. I understand you because I'm the same way. I just can never seem to pull the trigger on any purchase, and when I do, I immediately regret it thinking I should have gotten something else.

I don't have any advice. Just empathy.

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