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Bad reaction to Augmentin 2 weeks ago

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My question is in  regards to interactions with augmentine. A few weeks ago I took augmentin for a sinus infection and due to the side effects I quit 2 days early. I was supposed to take it for 10 days and took it for 8.

My mind was going crazy on the 3rd day of augmentin.. I had a severe panic attacks also. 

I feel like the augmentin nullified zoloft some how. 

I still don't feel right. I started 100mg zoloft 14 days ago but prior I was on 62.5 zoloft doing much better and no panic or anxiety. It like Augmentin nullified my Zoloft. 


How is is possible?


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what kind of crazy?

I have a friend who can't take certain types of antibiotics because they kick her to mixed or potentially hypomanic land.  I don't personally experience it, but I've seen it impact her (when another doctor didn't believe her and insisted that she try it). I don't remember what type they are, though.  I don't believe it was Augmentin or the amoxicillan/penicillan family. 

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Umm I have never been hypermanic but I can tell you if I can describe it that would be it.. no history of it. I have ocd anxiety and panic attacks but haven't had them since I went off prozac.

After much research it was the augmentin that caused the issue and my dr believes so also.

In regards to antibiotics yes.. there are others that are worse and especially known  for having this issue. But when you look at augmentin leaflet sure enough it exists.



The Friday may 27th I went to the Dr with a sinuses infection.. the whole time on 10 prozac 62.5 zoloft.. I was better then I am now. by that Sunday I was beyond a mess. Like serious issues. June 1st I went to the 100 zoloft 10 prozac.  

I stopped augmentin 2 days early because I was so bad on it.

So if I was feeling better on 62.6 zoloft how do i explain how I'm just getting over anxiety and other bad ocd thoughts?

After a lot of research and digging I found out it has happened to other people. With other antibiotics being even worse

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Although I'm not glad you went through it, I'm glad you identified it as the culprit.  Hopefully it doesn't mean that you'll have this response to other types, as landing yourself without antibiotics to take (or with all of them pushing you into hypomanic land) could be challenging.  Based on your anxiety and panic attack history, your elevated state could have also been severe anxiety rather than hypomania, but that's a better call for you and your doctor to make, if it needs to be made at all. 

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