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Geodon is giving me akathisia and sedation at the same time. I'm fidgety with my eyes drooping. I simultaneously can't sit still and can't stay awake. What is this paradox! Anyone else experience this?

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I didn't get akathisia from Geodon, but it made me too restless to sleep but so sedated I couldn't keep my eyes open.

((when I first started Geodon I was on 80mg morning/80mg after dinner)) I never felt like I could get enough sleep, and no longer than 7 hours of sleep my brain would suddenly turn on and I'd start to feel so restless I would get up despite feeling tired. After about 30 minutes of being "awake" (but yet half asleep) I would no longer be able to keep my eyes open, and I'd fall back to sleep for 30 minutes to an hour. I then would wake up restless but tired again. I did this every morning about 3 times before I was able to fully "wake up" (but yet still groggy/sedated).

Eventually my Pdoc suggested I take both dosages at night. Taking both at night, plus my body adapting after a few weeks, really helped the morning/daytime sedation and restless feeling. I also learned to always take it with food, and that alcohol was never okay with Geodon.

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