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Has anyone on lamotrigine experienced symptoms like weakness,discomfort,muscle stiffness?

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I have these symptoms but only in my forearms.
My forearms exhaust very fast. A while ago I was kneading dough and after that my arms were so exhausted I couldnt even hold a pen and take a note.

Then a few weeks later I got other symptoms like a feeling of weakness,discomfort,tingling in the forearms.

On some days these symptoms are gone and on other days they are back and strong.

And then I also have some kind of muscle stiffness which only seems to affect both arms. This shows when I flex my arms and then slowly stretch them out.

The movement isn't fluent like it should be instead it stutters slightly and while I stretch out the arm my hands/thumbs are also shaking slightly!

This stuff really concerns me cause people with parkinson's disease also have stuttering movements. But the neurologist who I went to said that it's not parkinson

but that I do have a muscle stiffness. He thought maybe this is caused by lamotrigine. But I googled for lamotrigine and muscle stiffness/rigor and it seems to be a very

rare side effect.


Has anyone of you experienced similar symptoms? If a drug (lamotrigine) caused these symptoms then why should the symptoms only occur in the arms?


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Personally, I haven't had arm symptoms I attribute to lamotrigine. I've had shoulder injuries, and so when I have arm issues, mainly pain and decreased strength, I figure that's the cause. I don't have any issues I can trace to the drug, and it seems to help my depression like nothing else has. I'm not sure what would explain your symptoms, at least a neurologist cleared you of some things. Does your pdoc have any ideas, like a med interaction or something? 

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