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Okay, the day before yesterday I took some Delsym. I thought it would be ok since I hadn't tripped in a long time. Now mind you my risperdal was at six and not its at two. So I go into the trip fine. Very emotional about the shootings in Orlando. And I just get this pull back into the psychosis where I the Trump was the Anti Christ and I was the one in the bible that had to stop him.



i had no real desire to drive wherever and do that but it was a delusion. And many delusions came back I had in 05.  



I consider that that I got burned by this drug and no longer wanted anything to do with it. The nightmares I was having the night I did it and everything just told me my brain has been traumatized and it can no longer take substance abuse.


i have a therapist. The best one I have ever had. Please can some one give me some tips on how to deal with addiction and live with it?

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I guess nobody here has any insight to this. I know DXM is a dissociative and from what I went thru I had lingering anxiety and dissociation but I'm ok now. 



I believe it was a mini psychosis plus a flashback. I don't know how to change my sig so I can show all that has change with me but rest assure. I have PTSD.

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I'm a recovering addict with over a year clean and sober from all drugs of abuse (and alcohol). DXM was my drug of choice. I can only speak for myself and my experiences. That being said, we may have a lot in common.

I suggest you go into a dual diagnosis treatment center for acute stabilization. An inpatient stay can help you manage sobriety until your mental health returns to baseline. From there, you may begin to work on addiction recovery. Unless you're relatively homeostatic on the psychic level, maintaining sobriety can be excessively challenging. However, substance abuse and dependence exacerbate mental health symptoms exponentially. It's quite a catch-22, as oftentimes we dually diagnosed often use to self-medicate. If you believe you are an addict, then please be mindful that once someone with the disease of addiction puts any sort of recreational chemical into their body, they are drastically altering their brain chemistry. The circuits in the frontal lobe seize, and they can no longer control the compulsion to get high, like a tic.

Please feel free to let me know if there's any more guidance I can give you.

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