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Emsam, Marplan, Nardil, Parnate

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Update: May 10, 2006

Brand Name: Emsam Transdermal Patch

Generic: Selegiline

Class: MAOI, MonoAmine Oxidase Inhibitor

Manufacturer: Bristol-Meyers Squibb http://www.bms.com/

Brand Name:� Marplan� http://www.oxfordpharm.com/marplan.htm

Generic: Isocarboxazid

Class:� MAOI,� MonoAmine Oxidase Inhibitor

Manufacturer: Oxford Pharmaceuticals Services http://www.oxfordpharm.com/

PI Sheet:� http://www.oxfordpha.../Healthcare.htm

Brand Name:� Nardil

Generic: Phenelzine

Class:� MAOI,� MonoAmine Oxidase Inhibitor

Manufacturer:� Pfizer http://www.pfizer.com/

PI Sheet:� http://www.pfizer.co...uspi_nardil.pdf

Brand Name:� Parnate�

Generic: Tranylcypromine Sulfate

Class:� MAOI, MonoAmine Oxidase Inhibitor

Manufacturer:� Glaxo Smith-Kline� http://us.gsk.com/

PI Sheet:� http://us.gsk.com/pr.../us_parnate.pdf

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