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I am crowduck. I am mildly autistic with GAD, a strong sense of right and wrong, and a very hot temper in regards to wrong things. I have two physically and emotionally abusive, brain damaged parents and a wonderful little brother who I love more than life itself. After 25 years of drug cocktails that helped calm my temper and GAD by leaving me in zombie land (wasn't the worst, I was able to go to college, swim competitively, and even convince the stupid city council to not be so Scrooge-ish.) I have two pharma drugs left due 25 years of severe side effects to everything else - Lamictal and Lithium. I am losing my hair and my kidneys are in Stage 1 failure. It's weed or bust, and I need your help! I need to escape my family too, any advice on quietly gaining income when they have complete access to my bank accounts and won't let me drive would be great. I can give advice too. Thanks and I'll see you around!

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