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New member here. My brother was given a diagnosis of schizo-affective disorder recently at the age of 31. He has been floridly psychotic recently, telling us that he can see people's spirit/aura and sees significance in things that are coincidences etc.  He had no psychotic symptoms until the age of 29. In that time, he got a PhD in physics from a top university and works as a mathematician. 

He has also been a user of LSD and mushrooms and pot in recent years. His most active psychosis started last month on the day he used LSD. He has been off drugs for two months now and is still a bit psychotic. 

My question - can the illegal drugs be to blame for psychosis? How can the psychiatrist confidently diagnose him with schizo so soon after serious hard drug abuse? They seem to assume that if you are not tripping on LSD right now, then LSD cannot be blamed for your psychosis. The doctor is recommending anti-psychotics and we are reluctant because we think/hope this is due to LSD/mushrooms/peyote.

Any opinions?

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Generally speaking, we are a first person site which means you can post about you and what you are going through, but we don't deal with questions about third parties since they are not present and we cannot get any first hand information from them. We don't talk about you without you. Perhaps your brother would like to join us? Also, you are more than welcome to post about your feelings.

Having said that, if a person has an underlying propensity to schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder then drugs can trigger those disorders. So you cannot say that your brother doesn't have schizoaffective disorder.

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Something I've wondered too, and I'm leaning toward most definitely.. stuff from acid, etc has stuck w me, including recognizing people as rats or other animals.. things make sense to me, but from another's perspective can seem wack. Also, PROBABLY  bringing preexisting/underlying "issues" to be more apparent & contributing to them. Don't think it's usually the only cause unless you just totally are out of control w drugs and literally fry ur brains

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I have wondered this before, I started LSD at the age of fourteen and I can honestly say that I have not tripped on acid since I was eighteen or so but I was a marijuana smoker up until the drug test I take every time I go to my pain clinic to get my morphine and percocet for a major leg injury two years ago, anyway I'm a serious chess player and have won a tournament or two not bragging but only following your lead, I was diagnosed with schizoaffective bipolar type when I was in my mid thirty's and follow a strict medication regime including antipsychotic medication and I can seriously tell you that my chess game has suffered tremendously since I have been on antipsychotics and each year it gets worse but I am happier and more grounded with medication I'm not gleaming happiness but happier than having psychotic episodes and I am really torn because of this conundrum I give up a lot of intellect to stop my symptoms, but there is one thing you could try is therapy and cognitive behavior therapy, first and low dose AAP's but you do pay with intellect in taking these medications....

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