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Unconditional love

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My therapist said this is what I needed my whole life. I love my therapist because me and her can level in what I need. She is a Christian but she has the training of a therapist so if I need to nudge her about something and change it we can.


im starting to have flashbacks. The dissociation from then is challenging. I never knew that it was flashbacks until I started seeing her. I have PTSD like I said I don't know how to change my sig on a iPad. But for the most part I have nightmares. I tried to talk to my ex and she is like the biggest PTSD trigger. So all in all I'm new at this. Yes PTSD can be challenging but it can be overcomes some. 



Im going to be a Pentecostal Preacher. I just know somethings I have to keep secret and somethings not. 

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I was raised Pentecostal. And I feel impressed to start my Ministry there. Yes my heart dropping the flashback and the nightmares. It all makes sense now. I have been suffering PTSD. 


Ugh I hate this but I know it will sharpen me into what I want.

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Guys, it's all my repressed memories and it is being too much. I think klonopin or any benzo is or will just make it worse. I have nightmares of the end of the world, being in a psych ward. And other stuff like being in jail without a advocate to help me.



man it's crazy that I am just realizing what's going on with me. God please help us.

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