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I definitely know the feeling, I take my latuda with 1mg of clonazepam to fight my anxiety but also to sort of minimize the akithisia. It really is one of the worst feelings I've ever experienced but just tough through it, maybe eat a banana if you can think of anything other than your impending doom. If it gets worse talk to your pdoc and maybe he can give you some clonazepam or propranolol which both take care of akithisia quite well.

You could also maybe try smaller dosages as it seems to be related to the amount of latuda that your body absorbs, if side effect meds don't help and you can't bear the akithisia maybe ask your pdoc to lower your dosage and see if your stable on something lower. 

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 I literally created an account just to talk about the horror I went through with Latuda. I was prescribed it to manage bipolar disorder and my psych said it was the safest out there, given I was pregnant and planned on breastfeeding. I took it for a year, constantly upping the dose as instructed. I began to get horrible anxiety. Intense panic attacks that lasted hours to all day. I ended up in a psych ward because I was suicidal. I cried and screamed and writhed in bed, unable to function. Most days, I couldn't leave the house or even the bedroom. I had to quit my job. I can't remember much of my child's first year of life. They gave me some ativan and propranolol, but neither really helped (unless I took way more than I should have in order to pass out and escape my living hell). Finally, I figured out that it was the medication (no doctor ever mentioned akathisia to me, they just kept upping the dose becauses "once the bipolar symptoms are under control, then we'll find a medication for the anxiety).

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