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I'm bipolar and started vraylar last week. It was hell on my stomach for a while, but now it's mellowed out and the people around me tell me i'm much better. I was also profoundly depressed, but that seems to have lifted. Actually, it lifted very quickly; within a day or two.

I can't tell if it's sedating or not. It's not sedating like Geodon or Zyprexa, for sure. I am however, getting less agitated and feeling more calm.

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I'm on Vraylar for the second time (first time I got akathisia and had to stop for a while). It does a moderately decent job at helping with my bipolar depression (which I primarily struggle with, hypomania isn't so much of a problem for me). It does seem to keep the hypomania at bay pretty well from my antidepressants, which I could only assume would surface were I to not have an antipsychotic on board along with my mood stabilizer (Zonegran). It made me feel like crap at first (for just a few days), but then it became somewhat stimulating and gave me a little energy boost. That has worn off, though, it seems, and it's actually so innocuous I can't really tell I'm taking it, which is probably a good thing (I asked my pdoc about switching to something else recently and she emphasized that while this may not be the best thing for my depression at the moment, I seem to be tolerating it well, and it's better to stay on it and see what it can do after taking it for several months rather than switch after just a month of taking it and potentially run into some bad side effects from another AAP and have to switch yet again). I like that it's weight neutral (or so it seems to be, anyway...) because I tend to gain weight very easily from psychiatric medicines, even from medicines that aren't supposed to cause weight gain (like Prozac...).

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