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Anyone Self-Administered tDCS Treatments

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So I've been in treatment for 2 years and still don't feel like I'm any closer to getting better. Dr. Has mentioned treatment resistance.

My mom bought a TDCS machine for me to try at home. I had mentioned it to my previous Dr a few months ago and she Didn't seem to know anything. And I switched Drs cause I wasn't mixing well with the last and completely forgot to ask my new Dr. 

So has anyone tried this and seen any type of results? 

(tDCS is a minimally invasive form of brain stimulation that does not induce seizures. During tDCS, a weak, direct electrical current (1 to 2 mA) is applied using 2 scalp surface electrodes that are covered by sponges and soaked in saline. )

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I just did my first session last night. It definitely did something. It irritated the skin just above my right eye so it looked like a rash for an hour. Then I stayed up all night. I currently take 15 mg of dextroamphetamine (Dexadrine, Zenzedi) twice a day. If I take it a third time around 5 or 6 pm, I'll be up all night. That's what it felt like last night. I also felt a tiny little bit off balance. It felt exactly like taking a large-ish dose of gabapentin or pregabalin.

I used the standard montage for depression: Anode: Left DLPFC (F3), Cathode: Right Supraorbital (FP2) (placement by eyeballing pictures on the internet and looking at myself in the mirror). I used a Super Specific Devices SSD 4.0 selectable voltage machine at 24v slowly ramping up to 2 milliamps. Then I set a timer for 19 hours instead of minutes, so I ended up using it for something like 33 minutes before I realized something was wrong.

I can't  really say if it helped with depression since Latuda takes care of my depression pretty thoroughly. I guess I'm just hoping for reduced anxiety. After last night though, I'm going to try it at noon when I normally take my second dextroamphetamine pill and see if it keeps me awake and alert.

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As a follow-up. I've tried it at all different times of the day most days since my previous post (but not every day). I have also tried different montages, the Darpa one a few times and I think another one just once. I haven't experienced the stay-up-all-night stimulation and slightly off-balance feeling I got from the first try, but I also have been good at only using it for 20 minutes (for the depression montage, 30 min for the Darpa one). I'm thinking about trying the depression montage again for longer than 20 minutes like the first time to see if I can duplicate (or at least approximate) the results from the first time.


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