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I'm not aware of any time restrictions to be honest.  The reasons I've mostly heard people give for needing to stop are primarily side effect related (weight gain in particular but there might be others).  I'm not sure to what degree long-term use has been studied just because the AAPs are newer medications generally speaking.  But as of now i dont think there are restrictions in place.

im glad you've found something that's really helping--I can relate to being really concerned it might get taken away.  Mines psychosocial rather than medication related (currently working reduced hours and it's helping a ton but isn't something I can do long-term), but I'm still not eagerly anticipating the day it goes away and concerned about the degree it will set me back.  One thing to possibly keep in mind because it is a medication thing is that there are a lot of other drugs in the same class so a different AAP might work if you have to stop for some reason.

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I agree with what everybody else has said. There is no time limit for seroquel. The reason why it is discontinued is usually to do with side effects.

I have been on various doses of seroquel since 2004

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11 hours ago, survivingbp said:

I'm on Seroquel at the moment, as well as other medications for BP1. Since adding Seroquel, my life has changed - my moods issues and psychosis have not made an appearance, and for the most part my anxiety is under control.

Most medications don't work for me, so I'm scared by the prospect of stopping Seroquel. How long can people be on it before they have to stop?

Why do you need to stop seroquel?

I was on it with no defined lengths of time of being on it.  The reason I stopped it was because it wasn't working like it had in the beginning.

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1 hour ago, survivingbp said:

I don't want to stop! Just no one I know has stayed on it for long so I was wondering if there was a medical reason.

Oh, ok.  Who knows, maybe you will do fine on it long-term.  I wouldn't worry until you really think it isn't working anymore.  I don't see a reason to stop it.  (Am I missing something?)

You are doing fine on it now, I would let it be and let it continue working for you.  "If it isn't broken, then there is no need to fix it" (IMO).

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