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Zyprexa/Olanzapine pounding heart

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I've been taking Zyprexa for about one week now and now at night when I take it, I get a pounding heart for a few hours. My heart isn't racing or anything, it just feels like it's pounding really hard.

Does this sound like anything to be concerned about or bother pdoc before next appt about? Is this safe? :(

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Seroquel made my heart pound like that.

But I'm assuming my cause was really anxiety because I was taken off klonopin while IP last summer. The dr didn't seem concerned.

Now that I'm back on klonopin my heart doesn't pound like that. 

You should most certainly check with your pdoc though to be safe. I hope it turns out ok and that it is an anxiety issue. Well I don't "hope" you have bad anxiety (not what I mean), but if it turns out to be that maybe an anxiety med could help you out. I can't see if you take an anxiety med because I'm on my phone, or if you do take one maybe it needs an increase if your pdoc approves. 

Good luck surreal!

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Had the same thing when I was on Olanzapine and it freaked me out. I agree with Gearhead. What helped me was drinking herbal tea or something else warm, slowly. Don't know why it happens but you should def consult with your doctor. Sometimes side effects like that go away after a week or two.

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Thanks everyone. I think I might lower my dosage. I called pdoc office about it and pdoc said it was secondary to my anxiety. But I really don't think it's that...

I really don't want to stop Zyprexa altogether because it seems to be working really well for my anxiety...

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