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Just about ready to give up (TW)

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I don't know where else to post this but seeing as BPD is my "main" diagnosis I'll put it here. If mods want to move it, then go ahead.
Before I say what I want to say I guess I should give a little introduction. I go by springorange on this website and several others, and I'm 18 years old going on 19. Still really young. (Please don't judge me because of my age) I've been in and out of therapy since I was 13 and started self harming at the tender age of 11 years old. I truly wish I could go back in time and protect 11 year old me from the bad things in this world but I can't.

I tried committing suicide at least 10 times as far as I can remember, and have been hospitalized for it almost every single time. I've been institutionalized 3 times against my will and have been to 3 different mental hospitals. I don't know what to do anymore. I'm on Abilify Maintena right now and an antidepressant (Effexor XR,my fifth one!) and have tried pretty much every single type of therapy out there that's available in my town (And mind you, I live in a very small town with very little resources. Other therapists are a 3 hour drive away.) CBT, DBT, Mindfulness, and the list goes on. I still SH, but I don't feel pain in my arms anymore because of all the deep scarring. So I've resorted to my legs. This sucks, because it makes me feel even more empty than I already am.

I've been on disability for two months now because I can't go outside, go to school, or do any kind of training. I fail to get out of bed most days, despite having gone through intensive therapy and being on medication. And the depression, self doubt, self hatred, splitting, and psychosis pulls me down so much, that I'm completely exhausted just an hour after waking up. I'm lost. It cost me energy to type this. So now I'm here, and just about ready to give up. Has anyone else been in this kind of "all hope is lost" situation? Should I keep going on with therapy despite not moving forward? I just want to feel human again, but it seems like that's not possible.

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Hi springorange. 

I know it's hard and sometimes inconceivable to keep moving forward with therapy or life. It will feel like you are standing still or sinking and then it will get better. I have been in therapy and on meds since i was 20 (I'm 55 now) and it has saved me. 

Hang in there❤️

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I'm not going to toss butterflies into the air & point out rainbows.  I respect your suffering. 

However, I will say that closer-to-30 feels a lot different & less chaotic than closer-to-20.

Even when things don't get wholly better, they get different.  That's something you can count on.

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Springorange, have you tried ECT? It's a scary prospect, but I have had 9 (so far) and it's making a massive difference in ways I didn't expect, when other therapies and so on didn't seem to make an impact. BPD is not my primary dx, though it has been tossed around as a possibility. The point really is that life hurt, a lot, and I didn't know how I was going to be able to keep going. That's no longer true. Just waking up in the morning doesn't make me want to cry anymore. I'm not back at work yet, but I think I could do it now, and I was rapidly running out of ability to do that, before treatment.

Check out my thread on my experience thus far. Feel free to post questions there or PM me directly. Mostly, I want you to know that life doesn't have to hurt so much. I'm not denying that it *does* hurt you, but I'm really surprised how much of a difference ECT is making for me.


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      This seems most indicative of BPD, but pdocs tell me I don't meet major criteria for it. I have no previous symptoms of: SI, suicide attempts, impulsive behavior, no addictions or eating disorders, no delusions, black/wt thinking, no manias) I have held longer-term (2-5 year) romantic relationships.
      Pdocs have thrown every med at me for 2 decades. Nothing is really making a lot of improvement. I have no adequate diagnosis, because I don't (completely) meet the formal criteria for any one disorder, but traits from many. I've been previous diagnosed with: Major Depression with dysthymia (with/without psychotic features) BP2, PTSD, GAD, BPD, ADD) I surely can't have all these disorders?!
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      Hey there!
      Long time no post and I wanted to pop in and get chatting about something that's recently cropped up for me and got me thinking about things. So I'll cut to the chase. I've recently been enrolled in some group therapy after a few years of no meds/therapy/contact with mental health services. After the group I had a chat with the therapist running it and explained about the intense mood changes I'd been having etc. Anyway, she put me in touch with someone who gave me a phone assessment and the questions asked seemed to be the checklist for Borderline. She then said, "ah yes it sounds like Emotional Intensity". This is something I've never heard before in this context. I've heard of emotions being intense or emotional intensity as a symptom but she seemed to use it as a diagnostic term. 
      I did some googling and discovered that Boderline is starting to be "rebranded" as EmOtional Intensity (here's one of the articles I found http://www.awp.nhs.uk/news-publications/trust-news/2016/march/raising-awareness-of-emotional-intensity-disorder/ )
      I wondered, have you ever heard of this Emotional Intensity term being used and what are your thoughts on it?
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      I feel like I've just put him on this pedastal of perfect cause let's face it he IS WAY better than anyone else I've been with putting up with my anxiety attacks, insecurities, etc etc etc, and it's like I'm waiting for something bad to happen and I hate that I'm like that. And he tells me to stop thinking he's perfect too, cause he ain't but he is to me...
    • By Simone.
      Hello everyone! Where to begin...
      I've been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder with some avoidant traits. I have been struggling with depression and anxiety since elementary school (I am 22 now).
      Up til this point, I have been in and out of hospitals and treatment centers and passed around from therapist to therapist. I was heavily self- harming and abusing alcohol and other substances. A few months ago, I was sent to yet another center after a suicide attempt. 
      Let me tell you, it changed my life. I was introduced to DBT, which has truly saved me. I am finally on the correct medication which has seriously reduced, if not stopped, my horrid intrusive thoughts and paranoia. Before, I was to the point I could hardly get out of bed, and already had to drop out of college and leave my job. Now, I have rediscovered my love for art, I am waitressing (something I would have NEVER thought possible) and- best of all- my relationship with my fiance is SO much better and we are back to planning our wedding.
      I am back to seeing a therapist regularly, and she is awesome. I've finally confronted issues with my toxic mother and am opening up about traumatic childhood experiences as well as working through family therapy with my father (and my mother, when he can convince her to join). 
      The fact is, life is GOOD, I am somewhere I thought I would never be and I am incredibly grateful. I'm back here to recieve support now that I am more stable and moving forward into uncharted territory in my life. Thanks for being here and reading.
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