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Why do i still have insomnia

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I've been on medication since 2007 and my doctor says my meds are working at full capacity.  So if my bipolar disorder is being managed, why do i still have sleep problems?  

Am i going to be on Ambien/Lunesta/Lorazipam/ for life?  

Did anyone experience a remission of insomnia once you were treated with bipolar medication?

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I would bring up the sleep problems to your DR; maybe need a med tweak?

How long have you had the sleep problems?  (Because if you have had them for a very long time I would suggest seeing a neurologist/having a sleep study done).

Idk how long you are going to be on the 3 meds mentioned.  It varies between people.  I would ask your DR about that too.

I have never experienced a remission of insomnia, even when stable on meds when bipolar and up to the present having SZA.

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31 minutes ago, LindaMarie64 said:

I've had sleep issues for about 10 years.  Did a sleep study.  Mild apnea.  Tried all sorts of masks.  Felt claustraphobic.

Prior to 2006 i used to be able to sleep so easily.  I wish i could go back into time...

Me too.  I'm sorry that you are going through this.  You are not alone.

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I have had intermittent problems but I seem to have had some success with a few things. The main one is, I need to get up at the same time every day, regardless of how little I've slept, or if it's a work day. That is my biggest thing. Sometimes in winter I've used a light box for 15 minutes when I get up, in theory to help me sleep at night, be awake by day, but not manic from using it too long. But that may just be me convincing myself it works, when it does nothing. If I get up at different hours, I have insomnia again, which I hate. I'm not sure how many people that will help, my pdoc is the one who told me that a consistent rising time was the key, I was skeptical at first. I know most of us have tried many hints and meds, it seems to be a common issue. 

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I was diagnosed with primary insomnia when I was a teenager, although we didn't know about the BP yet, so it may have been that. But I started having serious insomnia from the time I was 6 or 7.

Have you tried sleep hygiene? Sugarsugar already follows one of the "rules," but there are others. It doesn't work for everyone, but it works for some.

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