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I need to withdraw from Saphris(it is no longer effective), but I wasn't given instructions for how to stop.  Can I simply stop taking my tabs? If I have to wean, how can I do this in a relatively short time? I'm sort of hysterical about getting off of it, but I don't want to die doing it.  Thank you. :-)

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Have you not been given instructions because of your doctor not supporting it or just because it hasn't come up? 

Regardless of the reason, I agree with jt that it's really a question to throw to your doctor because these sort of things can run the risk of throwing you really off-kilter and don't always have the same approach for everyone.  Some need to switch to a different medicine at the same time in order to keep the better AAP components going (whatever those are for the person), but some just come off.  There's really not a safe way for anyone here to answer. 

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