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I was diagnosed by a nurse practitioner and my gp during a neuro evaluation with an essential tremor.

It didn't surprise me as my tdoc and optometrist commented on my tremor, as well as my boyfriend.

It affects my head and neck and to some extent my hands mildly.

I've read up on the drugs that can be used: Primidone, gabapentin, topiramate, beta blockers. 

I feel hopeful as I have a slice of depression and anxiety. Antidepressants keep me focused and somewhat sane. Without them I just can't deal with shit.

I have anxiety and don't like using clonazepam too much as I think it can trigger depression even while I am on ads.

So I am hopeful the treatment for my tremor might kill two birds with one stone.

Did anyone out there find their treatment for tremors made them feel less anxious as well.

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I have with a tremor without AD's. My tremor was pointed out to me, when I was on no meds. My therapist noticed it. Months later after starting an AD I went to see an optometrist (while on clonzepam as well). She pointed out I was shaking. I didn't notice as I felt chill on .75mg clonzepam. So I don't think it began with an AD.

I sometimes wonder if I sort of hurt my neck. I had some jaw issues for a while (TMJ) and had rough time after major dental surgery. It just sort of seemed to come on.

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