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Started Nature Calm For Sleep

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I started Nature Calm which is a magnesium citrate powder you mix with a hot or cold beverage to help you relax and even counter insomnia.  I have the okay of my psychiatrist.  

2 teaspoons provide 87% of your daily value of magnesium.  I started with that dose at night.

Does anyone else here take this and with what results?  Has anyone else tried it?  

This is my second night taking ti and so far I feel fine and it might have even helped me sleep  a little better last night.  

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I did like Natures Calm. It tasted good and fizzy, and it did help me relax/sleep. I stopped taking it because it was a big glass of liquid right before bed which made me get up in the  middle of the night to urinate. Plus it was a bit expensive, but if I had a choice, I would take it again. Glad you like it!

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