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Can you do it? I ask because I tried losing weight on it before and just didn't happen even though I limited my calorie intake and exercised everyday. Just want to hear personal experiences with Clozaril, if you've found you can lose weight on it and what you did, or if you found you couldn't.

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Disclaimers:   based on my personal experiences ... not saying you should go off of it ... and this is only the weight portion of my experiences with Clozaril


Clozaril was a med I will never take again in my life.  I was only on it for maybe a month at the most.  The main thing that happened was I put on a lot of weight, and when I stopped taking the clozaril, the voracious appetite never went away.  So my pdoc had to put me on a med to counter the eating issues. 

Clozaril (started in 2006) also messed up my sleep, so to this day from whe I started it, I have maybe had 1 (one) night of real sleep.  And am on meds to try to help with the sleep.  So just trying clozaril, then going off of it, I ended up on more meds that I started with.  Personally IME, it isn't something to take if you want to lose weight.  Some people experience this med positively, but I can't say that happened with me.

And I was on it less than a month.



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I believe you can lose weight on clozaril but you need to get into ketosis. To do that you eat low carb. Count your carb intake and keep it under 15-20. Theoretically this should work because drugs like clozaril cause weight gain from changing the way you process carbohydrates. If I had to go back on clozaril theres no doubt I could keep a healthy weight if i kept my carbs under 20 a day and exercised. I am willing to give more advice if you are interested. There are ways to prepare food that is tasty and low carb. I've spent the last 3 years researching it and I believe it will work but note I am not a doctor or your doctor so monitor your blood sugar levels while starting clozaril. Clozaril works well for many people and there are ways to stay on it while maintaining a healthy weight. Good luck


Heres the classic article on the subject.



At the end he says " 5.  The immediate clinical consequence of this information is probably (paradoxically) to tell the patients to eat less sugar. 

Unless you dramatically cut fat out of your diet, the body will still churn through what fat you do eat at the expense of carbohydrate.  Better, and easier, to reduce the carb load that lingers in your body (and likely ultimately gets stored.) "


The LCHF, the most extreme way to reduce appetite, has not been tested at all. Clinicians and researchers may believe that such diets are either too complex to follow or are detrimental to mental health. Also eating large amounts of fat to loose weight seems counter-intuitive. In practice though, most LCHF diets do not contain larger amounts of fat than normally consumed [55]; the proportion of energy derived from fat is increased because of the reduced contribution from carbohydrates. Technically, a low-carbohydrate diet should not pose a greater challenge than a low fat diet or a calorie restricted diet. Intriguingly, the ketogenic diet has occasionally been reported to improve psychotic symptoms in patients suffering from schizophrenia [68, 69]. Given that the ketogenic diet can be used to treat certain form of epilepsies such as myoclonic epilepsy [70] and may even be of value for some patients suffering from autism [71], the question arises whether this diet could be of some benefit in other neuro-developmental and degenerative brain disorders [72] including schizophrenia.


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I agree with cutting down on sugar.  Although it can be hard but YMMV.


FWIW ... personally this way of eating wouldn't be realistic for me to do because the voracious appetite was/is still so strong that if I wanted something, then I'd find a way to get it. And the foods were mainly high in sugar.  I literally couldn't (and still can't) control my appetite on clozaril unless I take naltrexone.  And this is after I stopped taking the clozaril.  Without the naltrexone now, and it has been years off clozaril, (about 10 years), that voracious appetite has never gone away.  That is one side effect for me that never went away.

*However I know there are people here on CB that have had a good reaction to it, with no problems at all. 

I'm just giving my personal experience because this med really didn't work out for me.

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