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will I be in trouble

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Ok so I live in Arkansas and I am under this thing called condition of bind for a felony. I have to go in every week to the probation officer to drug test. I cut my wrist seven inches and lost a lot of blood and had to get 31 stitches they put me on pain meds. I have to tell my probation officer I'm on the pain meds, if they ask about how I hurt my arm oak what I am going to say. If I tell them the truth I'm kinda scared they will send me to a hospital or something...? Do u think they will? 

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According to http://www.treatmentadvocacycenter.org/:


Mandatory Treatment Laws in Arkansas

Like every state, Arkansas has civil commitment laws that establish criteria for determining when involuntary treatment is appropriate for individuals with severe mental illness who cannot seek care voluntarily. Arkansas's laws allow for the use of court-ordered treatment in the community, known as assisted outpatient treatment (AOT).

For inpatient and outpatient care, a person must meet all of the following criteria:

  • be a clear and present danger to self/others;
  • recent behavior or behavior history which demonstrates that he/she so lacks the capacity to care for own welfare that there is a reasonable probability of death, serious bodily injury, or serious physical or mental debilitation; or
  • have an impaired understanding of need for treatment to point that he/she is unlikely to participate in treatment voluntarily, needs treatment to prevent relapse or deterioration, AND
  • demonstrate prior noncompliance as a factor in placement in a psychiatric hospital, prison, or jail at least two (2) times in last forty-eight (48) months or a factor in committing one (1) or more acts, attempts, or threats of serious violent behavior in last forty-eight (48) months


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