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My Goal Moving To Another State Climate

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My Goal Moving To Another State Climate

Is places too structured for my uniqueness and disability?

The idea of moving to another State and for the betterment of a Climate for me.  This is having a heavy toll in being able to find a new employment job worth being sustaining and for finding a new place to live with my things and being sustaining. 

It's time to see if I can make a RESUME and plans for even being able to visit places like Astoria, Oregon or Aberdeen (Grays Harbor, Washington (Even the possibiliity of Forks (?) - ) - )

  This Subject is starting to take over in a Thread I have dealing more about the Supernatural, the Spiritual and Religious aspects of things. 'My Agnostic Revenge'  I sense being stuck where I am at, with odd fates happening to me keeping me from having the idea climate and an assumed climate that is actually partly to blame for my disability.  Too much Clear and Sunny Weather doesn't help me to be functioning allright.  That's how much I see of it.

But I think I can be better functional, when days are Cloudy, Foggy and Rainy and away from this Stereotypical and Popular Conventional ideas our Culture seems to expect from every person in the United States.

So when my mind gets better about the rest of my detail with this.  I will Post them here later when I can get to think and explain myself at a later time.

Some other people have some of the same issues I do, but with a different outlook to my unique lifestyle and interest in life.

Why is the places I think would be better for me, making it impossible for me to get into such places?

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i haven't read your agnostic revenge post, so i'm not totally up on the issue at hand here.

but i had to say i actually giggled because i moved from a state that was cloudy and wintery to one with only sunshine because winter depresses the hell out of me.  (i still use my light box in winter here, which many would find absurd as it's way south.)

though, it also seems like you're talking about cultural/social climate.

i know they say that you can't run away from your problems, but this isn't always 100% true.  for a while i was living in the suburbs and my pdoc actually said to me "well, of course you're depressed, you're living in a cultural wasteland! you need to move!"  and, he was right.  i'm a lot less depressed now that i'm in a metropolitan area with used book stores and museums and such. 

you can't run from your depression, but sometimes your environment can really exacerbate depression, so sometimes a move can help.  (as long as you don't expect too much from the move, etc.)

best of luck finding your dream city.

though i'm still confused about how cloudy weather is good.... sigh.


on edit.... i think i took your post too literaly and you're talking about the other type of state.  as in not one of the states of the union, but a state of mind.

guess i shouldn't post sleepy.

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;)   I guess you're not the same 'Penny Century' that had this same name from another Message Forum that I used to go to?  But the other 'Penny Century' still lives in Cloudy Weather Climate from what I knew last.  Living in Canada.

  I'm living in Sacramento, California.  California is one of the 50 States associated with the United States.  Oregon and Washington are States.  So I mean States as getting out of California to Oregon or Washington.  I even was thinking of Alaska.  But as with States.  The Economic structure is what I mean.  Going to some places has to have somethings working in order to be able to live in such places.  And it bothers me, if this world has limited its terratories for which other people can live and have a life?

  I can't find the economic structure in Alaska to live there.  But I'm hoping I can along the Coastal regions of Oregon and Washington for the Cloudy, Foggy and Rainy Weather.  And for it to stay below 85 degrees at the peak of Summer.  I can't stand days above 75 degrees and tolerating some days between 75 - 85 is tolerable for having to tolerate anything like that.

I think there is a certian frame of mind to like what I like.  Cause I see life quite differently for my enjoyment with idea amenity and being comfortable with.  Same goes with Music.  I like Ambient Space New Age music.  Most people don't.  And sometimes nothing but the subtle quiet sounds of Earth, than man made sounds.  All has to do with seeing life being mystical and peaceful for me.  Not having to indulge in Social and Cultural Activities.  Because Clear and Sunny weather isn't about Nature, but what Humans like to do with their challenges.  I think that makes the difference to the perspectiveness of the Climate.

  My climate allows me to have my creative thoughts of admiring this world in a different setting and being able to function in it.  That works with me and why I can't deal with other's in their conventional stress factor life's of vanity and uninteresting persuits.

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I'll forward some links to Astoria, Oregon, Forks, Washington and Aberdeen, (Grays Harbor), Washington ...

One of the links offered to me from the 'My Agnostic Revenge' Thread by 'Steve@3:00'


Forks, Washington ...


Aberdeen, (Grays Harbor), Washington ...


This Post for References for me.

Now I would like to see how my Job hunting goes this year (?)  My Resume is in the works this month and I'll see if there is a way to show it later (?)

But this January is really warm this year.  It doesn't feel like January this year to me.  It feels like April.  And I like the way January's use to be really Wintery in the Past.  It's in temperatures in the 60's for half clear weather.  It should be in the 40's at night and it's not being that cold.  It's in the 50's.  Such cloudiness and Fog is more meager each year here then what it used to be.  I got to get out of Sacramento, California! ;)

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Well, I'm from California, and I can tell you that foggy and cloudy and temperate weather, as well as open-mindedness, can be found in San Francisco.  Other than that, I think places in Oregon and perhaps Seattle, Washington would be good.

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  Here in Sacramento, California it's clear and sunny.  Is it clear and sunny in the afternoon in San Francisco right now?  In Astoria, Oregon they have 100% cloudiness with the Nimbus Clouds.  My Username:  Nimbus - here.

  If San Francisco, did have cloudiness.  Could someone go to Fairfield and still see it cloudy?  In the Spring, Summer and Fall Fairfield and other places would get above 75 degrees and I would have to stay in San Francisco.

In Astoria, Oregon I could drive to Portland or go to Grays Harbor and it should or have better odds of there still being this Cloudy and cool stuff.  In the Spring, summer and Fall Portland and Grays Harbor and other places would still be under 75 degress.  Much better place to be.

Now with this meagerness here in California.  I hope maybe someone will see why I don't care for San Francisco or Eureka. (?)  B)

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This morning my Inspiration of Nimbus Cloudiness and by a Seashore ...

My type of music is ... Ambient Space New Age ...

As for ...  Admiring, Being Pensive and Hugging the Splendor of the Nimbus - Is this Solace!

Jonn Serrie \ (Irronic for me, but it doesn't have to be as the Name of this Album title.  For me I would call it Midwinter Century instead. ...) - Midsummer Century

- \ Distant Moment + The Last Secret

Jonn Serrie \ TINGRI \ Annie by the Sea

Jonn Serrie \ Planetary Chronicles 1 \ Dawn Trader \ Starmoods \

Danny Heines \ EVERY ISLAND \ 7 PALMS

Jonn Serrie \ Planetary Chronicles 1 \ The Auran Vector

Now this Afternoon has tried to aggravate me from this mornings inspiration.

An Inspiration that could make a depressed mood alittle more Solace.  Or the idea of finding Mystical Peace.  Is Splendor Solace!

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I really need to get finding ways to Astoria, Oregon soon I hope.  I've got to find something Sarcastic about being here in Sacramento, California for this ... (?)  Is this really the New Year 2006?  It really seems like I was put into a comma way back in October and actually woke up in March, fooling me it was December and April is January.  I've never seen this place this warm before, for a month in January.  It really seems like the month of April.

Man this is spooky! ;)

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Put your current address on your resume. But also, it doesn't sound like you're going after resume types of work. I think you should contact the local disabilities office and ask about CA job assistance programs for people with disabilities, and see if you can get any contacts who could help you seek work in another state.

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