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Cocktail that took migraines away

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I went to the doctor in February for frequent tension and migraine headaches. The doctor had me administered with a special cocktail that immediately took the headache away within about 30 seconds, it was amazing! I'd had blurry vision, stumbling, etc... and this cured it. I didn't have another headache for at least a week or two. 


Anyway I finally found the cocktail in my patient portal, and here is what they shot me up with in the buns:


Promethazine (Phenergan)
Ketorolac (Toradol)
DiphenhydrAMINE HCl (Benadryl)


Maybe ask your doctor for that if you need immediate emergency relief that lasts for a while. Thought I'd share!

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Benadryl and Compazine is the standard 'cocktail' they give in ERs through IV for migraine attacks or status migraines (at least here). Sometimes Toradol is added if the original cocktail doesn't work or doesn't work well.

Because of rebound headaches and side-effects, I doubt it's used as as a preventive or approved for chronic use (IDK know though I might be talking out of of my head). Great for severe migraines and status though.

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I cam across a student doctor forum the other day that said not to give Toradol to patients presenting with abnormal headaches/first time headaches/etc.. because if it is a Sub Arachnoid Hemmorhage, it could worsen it and you could bleed in your brain. I had told my doctor the headache I was having was new, and weird, and I was seeing things tilted, like the horizon wasn't flat, it was at an angle, and everything was blurry and I was dizzy, but that is what he gave me. Thank god I wasn't having an aneurism or a stroke or I'd be dead with that combo he gave me, apparently. He told me it was a migraine due to stress, and after shooting me up with the cocktail, gave me a prescription of clonazepam which I already had some ffrom my pdoc... sigh

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Spirals ~  You are talking about how your perception of the horizon changes along with dizziness.  I have had that since childhood.  My neurologist and the reading I have done on migraine and seizure auras is that this is a common phenomenon. I have this along with other very weird observations.  It's called the Alice n' Wonderland affect. It is thought that Louis Caroll's depiction of Alice as she goes down that initial rabbit hole is that he suffered from migraine.  I have very similar experiences with this.  Along with the landscape constantly changing, some times I feel very tall and other times tiny in respect to my current landscape.  Now I think this one experience may have been a seizure disorder as I was out walking and suddenly the buildings on either side of me starting changing shapes, moving and had odd colors and I lost all idea where I was in the world.  It passed and I was able to realize where I was to get myself home.  I noticed that this would happen when I walked up a hill in the late afternoon, coincidence or not.......  But I have to say I have lived this way since childhood and it wasn't until I was dx'd with migraine at the age of 12 I thought everyone lived like this. This is my daily experience with the world.  When I try to explain this to non-medical personnel, they look at me like I have two heads. Walk a mile in my footsteps, you will appreciate my view of the world.

All of my EEG's come back with slowing, spike and waves and have since childhood in my temporal lobes and central brain areas.

Anyway, Spirals, I just wanted to let you know you are not alone in all this.


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