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Are these voices/auditory hallucinations?

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For the past 2 months I have been experiencing out of control thoughts. I dont hear any external voices as such. My symptoms usually are-

1) Random words pop into my mind, especially when I am not distracted. These are just mundane words, but words I dont consciously think of.

2) I get thoughts that seem to be a product of my mind, and not anything external, because it seems to be a nonsensical/gibberish version of the thoughts I'd normally think.

3) There is no interaction between my thoughts and these thoughts. Its almost as if I have no control when I experience these thoughts, and I subsequently have to focus my mind. Almost like eyes going out of focus and then focussing again.

4) These thoughts are the most prominent during sleeping, and while falling asleep and waking up.

5) These thoughts are absent when i am engaged in ANY activity, or when the TV is switched on, or when music is playing, or when I am thinking of anything or concentrating on something.

6) The thoughts are usually gibberish nonsensical sentences or even random words. Its most similar to a tired/taxed brain regurgitating information.

7) When I read something, an inner voice says those words when I am reading them.

8) These thoughts are attributed to my brain only, albeit one that is tired, stress or unfocussed.

Now are these hallucinations? If so, do these seem to be indicative of psychosis/schizophrenia? Or is there a differential diagnosis with depression/anxiety? 

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I have some of these voices/thoughts too and they are very frustrating.

Lack of sleep and increased stress will make most of what you said happen to me also.


Now are these hallucinations? If so, do these seem to be indicative of psychosis/schizophrenia? Or is there a differential diagnosis with depression/anxiety? 

Idk if they are hallucinations and Idk what they seem to be indicative of.  

These are great questions to ask your DR.  Do you currently see a psychiatrist?  They would know best what to look for when diagnosing someone.  I can only give you examples and suggestions that you should run by your DR FIRST.


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Hi Aniket! What you are describing is 100% what I experience. Every one of your points was like a little checkmark for me.

I've been diagnosed with "some form of psychosis". If you look up "word salad" and "formal thought disorder", you may find some insights- although the random words aren't coming out of your mouth, the descriptions really hit the nail on the head for me. 

One day, I was in the kitchen, and I just started hearing a string of random words, like "twenty-three-peanut-elephant-purple-five-*sound of car honking*." I thought I was overheating, so I went and cooled down, and it stopped after about a half hour. Two weeks later, it happened again, and then slowly became more frequent. I can have my own thoughts over top of the auditory hallucinations, but they are distracting. They are more prominent when I am very tired. Abilify has been a huge help in stopping them. 

Anyway, definitely bring this up to your doctor, and I wish you luck in dealing with this. It's been a journey for me. Reach out to me any time to talk about this stuff!

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17 hours ago, aura said:

Some of what you describe sounds like hypnagogic or hypnopompic hallucinations. They're very typical and not indicative of illness.

I agree with aura and the hypnopompic hallucinations. 

In another similar post that you started I was mentioning these:

Scroll down to my 2nd post in that thread (see above for that thread I am referring to).  I know you said they weren't hypnopompic, but FWIW I am re-posting your reply here.

To get more of an idea what you are going through.

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