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Southern Discomfort

Anyone with Tourette syndrome or related tic disorders want to share?

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Long time visiting this thread but I thought I'd update on what's been happening since my last post. I have just come back from a trip up to London. I saw one of the best specialists in the country on Tourette's Syndrome and I can now say I have been properly and formally diagnosed with Tourette's. I did have a diagnosis before that from a locum psychiatrist but it's been somewhat informal. 

He said that technically by a text book example I don't have TS but that is how to best describe mine. Adult onset does occur but usually it's the sort that puts people into the A&E department at a hospital because of the severity. For me, it's always been gradual although now I'm getting coprophenomena - swearing tics. Mainly the two finger salute. 

He did say though that he's never heard of anyone ticcing in their dreams. I've since talked to a couple in a Facebook group for people with TS and a few have come forward saying they also experience this. It seems undocumented. 

I have another appointment in 3 months time back in London, in February to see the same doctor. They need to liaise with my psychiatrist over medication. And I've messaged a therapist in Exeter about CBIT and if I can get onto that as an NHS patient. 

Good progress!

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    • By Rabbity9
      I have chronic tic disorder and am curious about pharmacological help.  I have a few simple and complex motor tics that aren't exactly debilitating, but they are annoying and affect me at work.  I work with kids and get asked "why do you do that weird thing with your eyes?" and stuff like that.  Sleep deprivation tends to make the tics a lot worse.  I'm on seroquel and it has been helping me sleep much better, so I've noticed a reduction, but they're still around.  I've read that abilify has shown promising results in at least one study for helping tic disorder.  
      I didn't see a subforum for tic disorders, so I figured I'd just post it here since BP is still my primary diagnosis and adding another AAP would likely impact my mood as well.  If anyone has any experience with anything like this, I'd love to hear about it.  
    • By Lillian326
      Hello All! 
      I am a 19 year old Bipolar II with two younger brothers. One is 18, with likely, if undiagnosed, Autistic Spectrum Disorder/Aspergers Syndrome. 
      My youngest brother is 13, and for many years, on and off, he has developed a compulsive blink. He squeezes his eyes shut hard, and more often than necessary. Most of the time, he doesn't notice he's doing it, but as he's aged, he's mentioned how annoying/uncomfortable it is. 
      At first my mother used to tell him off, but I read a bit about Transient Tics, I realised it wasn't his fault, and convinced her just not to mention it. However it still appears sporadically.
      It always goes away after a little while, but recently I've noticed a pattern; he seems to do it more when I (who have now been away at University for over a year), come home, and he feels some - I assume stress - at conversing with me, when he hasn't in a while. Now my father, who is a very infrequent presence in our lives, is visiting, and he's started ticing (ticking?) again. 
      My mother seems to think it gets worse when he is tired, I haven't noticed this, but thought I should mention it.
      I'm not too worried about it, but I would like to know if anyone has any information; about how to help him stop (since it bothers him), or what to expect if it gets worse? Can it be a precursor to anything? And is it indicative of anything? Is he more stressed than we think?
      A little bit on him as a person; he's very funny, and constantly cracking jokes, etc… He exudes confidence, but is actually very nervous in front of new people. He doesn't have many friends - he's been to school for a number of years, but he's been home-schooled for the last two years. 
      Essentially, I am worried there is something going on in his little head, that he is not expressing, and this is presenting itself as a tic. 
      Thank you for all of your help;
    • By y58
      What are the differences?
    • By plain_old_psycho
      Hello - I came back to join after about 6 months - need to get anecdotal evidence for some of my situations, and knowledge of what helps others. WIll post more very soon... Namaste
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