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uh uh uh uh......


Um, guess I'd better address the audience, now that there is one. Doing ok, except financially, and I had a decent job interview last Friday, so tomorrow I may find out that that problem goes away. Still seeing same s.o.

Recently started this little manufacturing project for some hobby stuff in rare supply. Have been having real fun with it. The carbon fiber and epoxy are in, and I hope to make my first parts tomorrow or Monday.

Still struggling to be organized, get my sleep schdule under better control, apportion my time better, but things are looking up. \

On the other hand, December was awful. SAD city. Cranky to the max.

Am off Prozac, on Welbutrin.

Crazyboards doesn't draw me like it did. In fact, I ought to be asleep now.

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Aw shucks. I suppose my face should be turning red right now. If I don't get a job, say this month, maybe I'll be furtively posting here from every library I can sneak into. But things are looking more possible. (Once again, I ought to be sleeping now, seems to be a rule.)

If I said what I was trying to manufacture, I would be identifiable as soon as I tried to sell some, and I coyly protect my anonymity even now. However, it involves sticky, toxic goo (at least it's not smelly) and carbon fiber. And it's for peaceful purposes. If anyone else was supplying this particular product at the moment, I wouldn't be trying. The former and future manufacturer uses a facility in Mexico, with which I wouldn't be able to compete.

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ahhhhhhh, sticky, toxic glue.  I cooked something for dinner once that my husband said looked like sticky, toxic, glue.  I'd sell it cheap if your parts manufacturing business takes off.

Have you always had trouble with your sleep schedule?  I don't remember you mentioning that before.  During the winter my business is all done at home from the home office, and I'm struggling once again to focus on boring paperwork.  I'm really having a hard time.  It looks like after awhile it would get easier, but it doesn't.  Each day it's like starting over.  During the winter, I don't even have a sleep schedule, which makes sitting still and working for any length of time almost impossible.

Anyway, hope you still check in every once in awhile with us even when you get your job.  As you can see, we miss you when you're gone.

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