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People who watch ppl being bullied suck!


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Tonight I caught the tram back home and I couldn't believe my eyes when I actually saw someone else being bullied for a change! 

There was an asian guy who had trouble with english. There were two young guys "bullying him". I assume they were strangers and they made the asian guy get off the tram with them and maybe take his money or something?! There were other people around but no one said or did anything?! 


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Then why stomp all over the other people by saying that they didn't do anything? You did the same thing. So, technically, you are just as horrible as they are. 

Its pretty easy to play the blame game. There are many reasons why people don't get involved with people that are being a bully or racist, so just assuming that they are horrible is stupid. 

Such as their personal safety and how they perceive the bullies. If they think that the bullies are a risk to their safety, no way are they going to risk themselves to help someone. Doesn't mean that they are horrible, and they don't feel guilty. 

Or maybe they want to mind their own business. 

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When I was a teacher, one of the students I taught was a White Supremacist, and another was gay. (Obviously, many other students were glbtq, too, but it was high school, and most people were not out.) One time I was standing in front of a dormitory, and suddenly noticed the white supremacist, with a lead pipe raised above his head, starting to run after the gay student. I was so pissed. I ran up and shoved him, hard, in the chest, and pulled the pipe out of his hand (which I could do because he was so shocked). Then I yelled at him at the top of my lungs for about 15 minutes. I still can't believe I did it, it wasn't very intelligent.

I've intervened in other verbal fights. Those times were strangers, but if there ever were a gun, I would call 911, but definitely not intervene.

When I was in law school,  I lived in the Tenderloin in San Francisco, a pretty dangerous neighborhood that had homeless people everywhere. So I always gave my leftovers of what I cooked for dinner, or things that were about to expire, to whomever I saw first. I found out from a Public Interest lawyer that homeless people that lived around my dorm started looking out for me. So the most dangerous place I ever lived was actually the safest.

So the point of all this is that there are good people, even (or is that especially?) among people who are starving and homeless! If you help people, you are at the very least going to feel good about yourself. And, you usually get a lot of appreciation back as well, but that comes later.

P.S. I got robbed at gunpoint once. No one was around to help.

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11 hours ago, WinterRosie said:

Hey max, did you know before this incident that other people other than you might have been bullied?

Again I RARELY RARELY RARELY see it. It seems its me who always gets singled out.. 

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THAT'S not a misprint!
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