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Central Park 'firework' incident

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This is freaking me out.  With all the shit going on right now in the world, and the poor people of Bagdad, this 'small' news story is scaring me.  



Either the boys were playing with fireworks, which they deny, or someone planted an explosion that this poor kid stepped on.

Please let this be fireworks.

But......you cannot accidentally step on a firework and it explodes, right?

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This is the latest bizarreness:

The explosive that severely injured a man in New York's Central Park today was likely "an experiment with fireworks or explosives," but did not seem like a device made deliberately to hurt anyone, officials said.

It was still not clear exactly what the explosive was, but police said they did not believe it was connected to terrorism.

Mark Torre, commanding officer of the NYPD bomb squad, added that investigators are leaning toward considering this the work of an explosive "hobbyist," an amateur or someone who knows chemistry.

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1 hour ago, crtclms said:

So in other words, the type of explosives my husband and his friends used to make for fun when he was in college (physics and chemistry major). He didn't leave them lying around, though!

Somebody ahole did if the bomb squad commander is right:

Lt. Mark Torre, the commander of the Police Department’s bomb squad, said he believed the man had encountered homemade fireworks that did not appear to be designed to explode from contact.

“Their goal is to make a loud noise,” Lieutenant Torre said, “maybe make a flash.”

The material, he said, could have been left behind days ago.

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