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I am a bit of a hypochondriac, and for three months I have convinced myself that I have schizophrenia. It all started with having racing, out of control thoughts while sleeping. My main symptoms are- 1) Whenever I am sitting in silence, I get racing "thoughts" about a number of things. These thoughts are in my inner voice, and these are the things I'd think, but they are out of my control. It can be random words popping in my mind, or it can be sentences. It's usually about mundane things. During which, brain feels very tired, and I kind of zone out. When I come back, I realise that I am having these thoughts, and I put a stop to them. They only happen when I am not thinking anything. When my brain is empty so to speak. But they are not about anything- just gibberish. I can equate them with the racing thoughts one has when sleeping. I see them as my thoughts, but ones which are a product of my subconscious. The thoughts make me anxious, but they dont talk to me. They dont have an identity of their own. Its just RANDOM thoughts. Or words. It almost feels like I let go of the reins of my brain, and it spouts up all the pent up jumbled information. The closest feeling is the groggy state when we have just woken up and cant think clealry, and have all kinds of random thoughts popping up. The name of a random person will come up. 2) I have been hearing voices while I am sleeping. I dont hear these voices during the day. I hear them when I am sleeping and dreaming. One dream sequence after the other. The worrying part is that I get paranoid about schizophrenia and wake up due to these voice dreams, but when I fall back asleep, or I am half asleep, I again have these "voice dreams". They stop completely once I am completely awake. 3) I doubt my own choices, and doubt my inner thoughts- are they really mine? 4) I feel detached from people around me and things in general. Everything FEELS unreal, though I know what reality is. I must mention that prior to this, I was extremely stressed about my sleep problems, and I was stressed about being away from home, and my exams. I am 27 years old. I have been almost obsessed about the possibility of developing schizophrenia. I have met two psychiatrists, who have ruled it out. The GPs I met, and the A & E people also ruled it out. I want to know whether obsessing over a mental illness, and a belief that one has a mental illness can slowly drive one insane, because this is what I seem to have done.
Apart from this, for a few days in the past one month, I also had critical inner thoughts- Like if I was on a page, then "why are you still on this page". "Read this and then read that" etc. But I also must add a cavet that by then I was doubting every thought of mine, and therefore, felt increasingly disjointed from my own thoughts. Its highly possible that I was feeling alien to my own thoughts. But this has only happened when I am concentrating on this, and not when I am occupied with other things.

I have shown myself to two psychiatrists who tell me its depression/anxiety. But I increasingly feel worried it might be schizophrenia, in fact I am convinced it is. Is there ANY possibility that this is not a psychotic disorder what I am experiencing?

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I'm not sure what the point of this is, Aniket. Both your doctors and the majority of responders here are of the same opinion, this is not schizophrenia.

I know from first hand experience what it's like to play the waiting game between doctor's appointments and to not know whether you're coming or going. Even going as far as sort of wanting an illness just so it gives a name because you're clearly struggling with something, in some weird, misguided manner. But you have to give yourself a break from these thoughts, you're stressing yourself out and it's not good for your health. We can only offer some of our own insight and we're all unique in how our illnesses and conditions affect us and you're not going to get different opinions the more you repost the same subject.

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I had a hard time reading a wall of text, but from what I read I don't think it sounds like SZ to me either.  Like dazed said above, I also think you should be thankful for that.

I apologize if I missed this, but the first thought that has come to mind is to go see a pdoc.  And if you are already seeing one, what does your pdoc think?  I think it would be helpful asking your pdoc (or after finding one) about all of this.  I think a pdoc could give some guidance as to what to do.

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