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Types of Seizures

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Types of Seizures and some Basic Information about Seizures

(This list is, of course, can not be complete.  I am writing this in the hopes of having it serve as an easy reference while reading the boards.  Each type of seizure is underlined, and will link you to a more indepth description of that type of seizure.  There is also a list of seizure resources in this post)

First, What is a seizure anyway?

A seizure is what happens when there are abnormal discharges of electric activity in the neurons in the brain.  These abnormal bursts of electrical activity disrupt the normal functioning of the brain.  This disruption can cause a person to respond in different manners.  How a person reacts to this abnormal activity depends upon where in the brain the activity occurs, whether in just one part of the brain, or across the whole brain.

Partial Seizures

In a Partial Seizure, the abnormal electrical activity is located in just one part of the brain.  How the seizure will manifest depends upon which part of the brain experiences the abnormal activity.  For example, if a seizure is located in the temporal lobe, the seizure will cause different behaviors than if the focal point of the seizure is in the frontal lobe.

Simple Partial Seizure

During a simple partial seizure, one does not loose consciousness.  However, though they are conscious, depending upon how the seizure manifests, they may not be able be responsive or in control.  During the seizure the person may experience a combination of some of the following: nausea, auditory disturbances, visual disturbances, smelling or tasting things that are not there, dizziness, d

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