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Theresa May as Prime Minister. Yes or No?

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Simple Question 

Theresa May as Prime Minister. Yes or No?



Theresa May is the home secretary and she has the most votes for tory leader and being the new UK PM. 

She also thinks another general election will cause more harm than good. (Which makes a wee bit sense)


I'd say no though, because I don't think another "Thacher" will do any good for me (until I finish Uni and get a decent middle class job). If she becomes PM I firmly believe that she would privatise the NHS and I'd have to pay money to see my doctors and probably I'll have to pay hundreds for my medication which is a no no for me. She might be nice and genuine but until I start gaining 50K + a year I would have to say no.

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The brexiters ran on a platform of taking power back from "unelected people". Then we have Gove backstabbing Johnson, Leadsom throwing her hat into the ring long enough to take out Gove and then dropping out, leaving us with a prime minister elected by basically noone and maneuvered into place via a sequence of shady background dealings involving (surprise surprise) Rupert Murdoch.

Similarly we have machiavellian dealings in the Labour party. It seems this whole Brexit business was manufactured by the people who really run the country in order to reconfigure both main parties into something more to their liking. And of course it has +*+** all to do with democracy or "ordinary working people".

If we do not have a general election soon then it would be very bad for democracy. Whoever is in government when Brexit is negotiated will have tremendous prerogative powers because parliament will not be able to debate on every one of the zillions of laws which will need to be changed.

The idea of these people behind the scenes is to have someone in place who is willing to push through vast swathes of savage capitalist legislation without discussion, using the vacuum created by the nullification of all our EU agreements.



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