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To Diagnose Mental Illness, Read the Brain

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On 7/6/2016 at 3:14 PM, lifequake said:

Nice article. 

I sometimes hate reading about the "cost of mental illness" to society, as I'm part of the burden.

I understand what you mean and I feel like a burden to people also, but like whome said above:

2 hours ago, whome said:

so more attention on mental illness for any reason works for me.

If there was more money invested in and more attention payed to mental illness, maybe the cost of MI would be "lower," changing how people might perceive it in society. Just a thought.

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The problem is that it costs $10 to try prozac and neuroimaging costs $4k a scan.  Under our current health care model where profits are valued over patient care, the only people who will have access to this are those who can pay thousands of dollars out of pocket per pdoc visit.   

It's nice that this exists but it will never matter for any of us.


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