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I was in san Bernardino awhile back w my boyfriend. And i just remember these noises at night throughout the city. Stuff like roaring/hissing, dogs barking, alarms, other stuff, but it sounded like it was being played on a SPEAKER. & the sounds were always the SAME so it wasnt very "lifelike" like the rawring wasnt frightening bc it was like prerecorded as well as other stuff. That place was crazy. We both were hearing this stuff at least describing the same thing, so wtf? Looking back it seems far fetched that the city would just "play sounds" over multiple speakers, i mean, for what reason?? But we both heard it MANY nights & it would stay on for a while. Whatu think? 

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Idk what to say except that I agree that it does seem odd that the "noise" was there and that you and your boyfriend both heard it.  Looking forward to others' posts about what they think.

Maybe this is something to bring up to pdoc/tdoc when you see them next?

Is this the first time it has ever happened?

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