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whey protein and ocd

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i took today whey protein after training and it made my ocd so strong that i was so afraid nervous and paranoid...is it just in my head or is it even possible?i asked a doctor told me there was nothing wrong with whey protein i have also noticed that when i first start zolof it made my ocd so severe that it got better gradually.... so maybe its the same im reallly confused thanks for ur help...

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How long have you been training? 

Whey protein, for me, doesn't affect my anxiety (FWIW I don't suffer from OCD but I do suffer from Social Phobia). Training however is another story. I tend to get that "exercise high" during strength and 'high intensity' cardio training thanks to endorphin's. I also tend to get restless and anxious afterwards. This article on livestrong(dotcom) talks about some reasons this can happen, and it makes a lot of sense.

I also found some other personal experiences having anxiety after exercise on reddit that may help.

I don't know how whey protein (or other protein supplements) affect the brain or if it could worsen anxiety. But I definitely experienced heightened anxiety after training because of my brains reaction to the exercise.

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