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Intersectionally of Race, Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation

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I've never sought partnership as some affirmation of my worth, but . . .

If you are a Trans Woman of Color, are never asked out except by guys with a fetish for "chicks with dicks" well suffice it to say, the continued experience isn't much of self-esteem booster.

It's even worse compounded by 99.9% of the women both Cis and Trans that I've asked out since 2003 tell me they aren't racists, just aren't into Black women.

That includes the last 5 fellow Black women I talked to, each one saying they would never date a Black woman.

I certain people in the LGBTIQA+ Community who are Hi-Function or Neurotypical have long known that even Lesbian allies to the Trans support us out a sense of justice, not because they view Transgender Women as Women. Germaine Greer doesn't invalidate our Gender Identity in a vacuum, no, she knows that a constituency that out numbers Trans Women believe in her message.

Greer's response the incredible number of Trans Women of Color murdered is that we can end the violence, if we stop telling our customers we are women. Because it makes complete sense for a White Feminist to assume all Black Trans Women murder are prostitutes. These are the same women who go crazy every time a man says he violated a woman because of how she was dressed.

I can't be hired in the IT field I've been in since a teen due to my race and gender

My intelligence, character, and cultural likes and dislikes are assumed based on my race

My interests from arts and sciences to flying kites and sportbike riding are deal-breakers for Blacks and Whites

Three times this past month people have asked me if I sell drugs, which is a few less than half the number of men who whisper to me how much?

The hurtful this is knowingCis Women address me with female pronouns as a courtesy, not because they think of me as a woman. Many Lesbians have told me that my defining myself as a Woman is another expression of Rape Culture, that they feel a sense of moral outrage over it.

It is really that bad, but in the WhiteQueer Community, I'm considered a racist for bringing the subject up. My case manager is into Gay Bear culture, and only a few days ago told me that nobody he knew has ever mentioned Transgender Day of Remembrance, and he said the number of people being murdered didn't sound believable.

Nobody talks about these injustices and the racism in the LGBTQIA+ Community that everyone denies exists.

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Hi Auriel,

Minority status x 3 must be very hard to deal with.

I was aware of problems society creates for each of the 3 minority groups.

But not aware of intersectionality and how it multiplies prejudice.

Thanks for posting your story.

We need to educate ourselves.

All the best to you. Stay strong.


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Your story is painful and difficult to read, but not surprising to me, and difficult reads like yours are important I think.

I am sorry to read of your pain.  May strength be with you.

Racism is rife within the MOGAI/LGBT community.  I first learned of that from queer people of color, and then as I learned how to see through parts of my lenses of white privilege, I began to learn how to spot some of it myself.

But you don't need to take off any sorts of glasses to know those numbers are something horrible.  Trans women and transfeminine folk one of the most at risk populations for being murdered on the planet.  Especially trans WOC.

I've been targeted for harassment as a nonbinary trans guy who looks pretty androgynous... but there was one, er, memorable occasion where I think I was taken for being someone transfeminine, and the harassment was also way more intense than I'd previously encountered (though thankfully only stayed at verbal, and nobody followed me after I went by).  I know we transmasculine folks are also at risk and so on but... the numbers are just so obvious to me.

Exclusion of trans women/transfeminine from women only spaces is something I will always fight against.  And though I'm a nonbinary femme more than I'm a trans guy, I know how important it is that I'm included in male and men spaces.  I didn't come to my trans identity from within queer women community as some do, which helps with that, but I have to be on the watch for people organizing groups/spaces/communities/events/roles/whatever that I don't get automatically shunted into the women's group because unless I don't keep an eye out for it I may not notice at all.

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I haven't commented because this type of story, and the way it is written, made me feel like I have no right to comment on it, even though I have personally experienced most parts of it, because one I am not of colour, and 2 I am a man. 

I have been both physically and sexually abused by gay and bisexual cismen because they thought I had destroyed their all mighty man powers and obscured the perception of what a man is. 

I have been excluded from both male areas and support groups for trans folk. 

Every day for the rest of my life, I will risk my safety, just by being existent in this world. And for the rest of my life I will have less human rights than any cis person. 

I have personally taken a very large step back from the trans community, because we tend to be rather opinionated people and unfortunately, most of the trans people where I live are actually offended by me because I am medically transitioning. 

It's one shitty existence, that is for sure. Whilst the issues in your story are very important, I think its fair to say that most trans people have experienced a part of it, regardless of their race and gender. 

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