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Greetings All,

I suffer from severe major depressive disorder accompanied by anxiety. I am on SS Disability....and I have been BANNED by the local Crises Hotline from calling them...!

I also had four cop cars and an ambulance called to my house....hustled away into an ambulance to an ER/hospital where I was frisked, forced to take a breathalyzer and blood test, frisked, my cell phone taken away, being locked in a hospital room and denied a chair to sit on, made to change into an outfit with out any buttons, snaps, and had hospital security stand guard outside my door.

Oh, keep in mind I am a 5 foot, 59 year old woman.

Due to a snafu by a county government office and my mental health caseworker...I lost my health coverage as of July 1st. My prescription for Cymbalta (60MG) also expired a week prior but I had enough on had to see me through to trying to get a new prescription. No insurance= no health coverage= no prescriptions...The irony is that my doctor weaned me off of 120MG of Effexor (was on for 8 years) to Cymbalta (on for 5 months).... I had accidentally run out of Effexor once and went through 2 weeks of withdrawal hell and swore I would never be held hostage by a drug again... I can't believe I didn't research Cymbalta, I  literally and blindly jumped from the fire pan into the leaping flames of pure HELL.

No one at my local government will help me or explain why and how I list my health insurance (I suspect they screwed up BIG TIME and don't want to admit it)...no one will talk to me (I get dumped into voicemail) and my mental health case worker is always blowing off our meetings, not doing the follow up she says she will do, and supplying incorrect forms and paperwork for me to fill out....that's when she just doesn't totally disappear for days & weeks on end. The concept of out of office messages for voicemail or emails is completely foreign to her.

It has been 10 days of PURE Hell! Nausea, chills, hot flashes, brain zaps, blurry vision, mood swings, aches and pains, insomnia, etc.....

Everyone at the local mental health department are very cavalier about my withdrawal (have you tried taking a couple of tylenol? what about a bubble bath? a bowl of ice cream might make you feel better)... If I wasn't already experiencing the roller coaster of emotions (rage to deep despair) getting this kind of response would have provoked it.

Trying to get some help, a resolution, an answer or even just a call back to the voice mails left me so frustrated...

This all happened this past Friday evening around 6 pm....

Due to being frustrated at my inability to get ANY help or answers from anyone...I tried the local county crisis center line, mainly to vent about my frustration.... BIG mistake!
Because I told the 'counselor' that among the Cymbalta withdrawal side effects, are suicidal thoughts (but would never act on them), along with asking if they could have a crisis center counselor meet with me to help me get someone at the county to help me about my insurance...this counselor was supposed to call me back in a about ten minutes, so I took my dog for a quick walk.
Next thing I know there are 4 cops and an ambulance at my door (much to the entertainment of EVERY one that lives near me-everyone came out of their door to to see what was going on). I'm surprised a SWAT team and the fire department weren't there as well.
 I am wet-your-pants terrified of policemen... I just told the cops to stay away, don't touch me, don't hurt me. I got in the ambulance by myself, the ambulance guy said that he was told I had been drinking and ran out the back door when the cops came... I rarely drink and certainly hadn't been drinking that night...and my house doesn't have a back door to run out of.
The doctor at the ER/Hospital didn't give me anything for my withdrawal...he suggested I go home and try a couple of tylenol...(what is it with tylenol, anyway). When I asked him what I was supposed to do for the rest of the weekend about my withdrawal symptoms, he said to contact the county mental health department on Monday morning (!) to see if they could help me, there was nothing he could give or prescribe for my withdrawal symptoms....at least he didn't suggest a bubble bath and ice cream.
Before they confiscated my cell phone, I called the Crises hotline again and asked if I could still have someone come out to help me get insurance problem resolved with my health insurance. The counselor said no, now no counselor could come out and help me and that she had already spent over 4 hours talking with me (she was lying, tops 45 minutes, tops!) and there was nothing more the Crises line could do for me and not to call the Crises center again... I needed to call the county again on Monday. Ouch!!!! 
Where on earth did the people that hire for the crises center find this person?  It's pretty bad when a seriously depressed individual is banned from calling a crisis hotline. Ouch!!!!
I must be REALLY crazy if I get banned from Crisis Counseling Hot Lines.
I haven't slept now for two days... my brain zaps won't stop, I am constantly nauseated and have diarrhea, mood swings, aches and pains, I feel like I have bugs crawling all over me and I itch, chills and then I sweat.... I will now be burdened with a bill for an ambulance ride and ER visit I can't afford because I have no insurance...
I am sorry this was so long...
Any suggestions....Please.... but NO Tylenol, ice cream or bubble baths....
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I'm so sorry that happened. That fucking sucks. I don't know what to say about the Cymbalta withdrawal. Could you call 211 for help with your insurance?

God, that's fucking awful what they did.

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I'm really sorry this happened.  I didn't know that crisis hotlines could ban people.

Was their a reason why you could only talk to that one crisis center counselor on the hotline?  Maybe an other one would have been more helpful.

So is the next step to call the county Mental Health people to get help with health insurance?

I hope you do ok until tomorrow.  I can't believe they did that.

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What unhelpful help.

Just for right now, it's probably a good idea to do whatever you can that won't make things worse to get some sort of rest even if you don't sleep. As far as I know, there really isn't any other med that can help with Cymbalta discontinuation effects other than Cymbalta.

And if you can, show up at the county MH place in person first thing Monday morning.

Do you have anyone in your life who can help make sure you get through today safely and help you advocate at the county MH program Monday?

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You can cross taper off Cymbalta onto an SSRI and then slowly quit the SSRI, just like you can with Effexor.  That's not helpful if you've got nobody to write a prescription though.  

Discontinuation effects for Cymbalta don't last as long as for some ADs, FWIW.


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I can't believe the lies that were told - like running out the back of the house and drinking and being on the phone for 4 hours. Typical. They probably made up stuff to cover their asses.

I'm really sorry you've been through this. I hope you made it through the weekend. I agree that you should show up in person at the county mental health place. This is just intolerable treatment of a sick individual.

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Thank you ALL for your kind words and thoughts...

I was flabbergasted when I was told NOT to call that Crisis line... If I didn't feel so crappy I would think it hilarious, (that and the accusation I had been drinking and ran out the non-existent back door to escape the police)...  The whole incident was the most humiliating and traumatic experience I've had...

And I still can't get over the fact the doctor in the ER wouldn't help me at all...when I mentioned I had heard Prozac could help with withdrawals from Cymbalta you would think I was trying to cage Oxycontin off him.

I feel worse than crap. Brain zaps, nausea, headaches, sweats/chills and big time insomnia.

Oh yes, the county Mental Health Department dropped the ball big time and now they are trying playing CYA (cover your a#$).

I hope to see my psychiatrist tomorrow morning, she's pretty feisty, I'm hoping that maybe she will call and find out what happened about my insurance.

Thank you for the suggestion about just showing up at the county mental health office, I never even thought of that.

But hey!  I'm soooooooooo Baaaadddddddd I've been banned from calling the Crises Counseling Hotline!

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