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Freaking out! Anyone use Yahoo mail mobile app?

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Omg! I just replied to a client I work for using Yahoo mail through my phone and for some reason today it'scompletely different. 

I'm going to try to explain the best I can but I'm freaking out so please bare with me. The, I guess you would call it, avatar by my name has the letter A instead of the usual letter D that is my name. The letter A is for a username I have for a dating website. 

I don't want anyone to see that username! I hope I'm the only one who can see it? 

Then, I got to some new part of yahoo that said every website my yahoo email is affiliated with. Dating sites, crazyboards, other forums, You know, every where I would never want anyone to know I frequent.


This is all new! Why do they keep messing around with stuff on yahoo? 


Ok so my question is, can anyone besides me see that my avatar on my mobile yahoo email with the username that I use on the dating site?

I'm not explaining this that well. Hopefully someone who uses yahoo knows what I mean. Those circles they have for avatars beside the email. 


Fuck! I'm scared my client is going to see all that!!  

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Ok well I think I finally figured out how to change my avatar to my regular initials but I'm still very distressed that yahoo would even do such a thing, and I am so worried tgat the client I sent the email to knows my personal business. I am starting to hate yahoo. I just don't really want to change my email address cause I've had it forever and that's what everyone knows. 

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