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Hi, i have been on this fear trip for 17 years since I was 15. It all began with extreme fear, uneasiness, nausea as in Sartre, dissociation, depression among others. It hasn't changed yet, but sadly, gotten more severe. A few days ago I had my first true Despair, suicidal. I felt out of myself, losing touch. Can anyone tell me how to distinguish, if to worry and if it's forth it, the dreaded psychosis or is just dissociation? Thanx, bless

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I appreciate this issue as it has crossed my mind too. From an individual point of view it can sometimes be hard to tell the difference between psychosis and really bad dissociation and it's probably best left to a professional to suggest what is what. I guess the way I think of it is that psychosis is feeling unreality is real, and dissociation is feeling reality is unreal, but both terms seem to have wide and occasionally overlapping descriptions and my understanding is limited.

There seems to have been a similar discussion here earlier.


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Welcome. I've had both. The difference for me is when I experience psychosis, I believe that the delusions and voices are real. Not "what if this is real?"  It's as real as anything else. Example, I am watching a show on tv and it morphs into a show for me and me only. This is psychosis. Also, when I've been psychotic I feel like I am being psychologically tortured. W/dissociation, I feel massive anxiety/panic.

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