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Labile mood--how to handle?

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So my mood has been all over the board and within a short period of time.  It's varied over the days also.  But with today--I woke at 5am and decided that was ridiculous.  I made it back to sleep fortunately and woke up at 8:15am (a new record for this episode).  I felt decent, ate some food, and knocked out an hour of work.  That exhausted me, though it was also somewhat satisfying, so I stopped and tried to rest.  I was way too restless, as I have been every time I try to take a nap.

i heard a friend might be free early for me to pickup, so i got excited.  I started driving into the city and then ended up sobbing throughout the drive.  Not hysterically, but closer than I would want to be because of driving...and because in general I'm rather tired of it.  Then seemingly out of the blue, I calmed down and started to look forward to seeing my friend.  I got excited, though I don't think overboard.  Now I'm waiting in a nearby bakery because she's not done with work yet and I've got a headache from the crying and I'm just confused by it all.

thats really a short summary version.  There have been higher highs and lower lows, but it represents the back and forth that's pretty constant.

im sure a large part is a med adjustment and I fortunately have a pdoc appointment today.  But what else can I do to cope?  I'm in over my head and don't know how to deal with whatever the fuck this episode is.

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I'm sorry your mood has been all over the place.  I can relate to the same thing because I am going through that today too.

I don't have an answer for you but wanted to let you know that you aren't alone, and I hope you find something that helps.

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