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So I have probably had a diagnosable anxiety disorder for almost 30 years, but only over the last 10 years have I been on medication.  (20 mg Lexapro) For the most part this has worked amazingly well. I have also taken Deplin for some of that time (and am doing that now) but I don't know if it has really made a difference.)

I don't know if life is getting tougher or the medication has become less effective but I find myself cycling back into anxiety spells more often than usual over the last year. (Life has certainly gotten more anxiety producing I think, but not sure it's the only thing.)  

I have a script for .25 mg of xanax prn but I try not to take that too often as I am not sure if that is long term solution. However when I have taken it it does seem to work well. Have you guys experienced anything similar?  What has worked for you? Switch to a different SSRI or other medicine?  Add a medication?

Just curious.  Thanks for your help.

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