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Please help- bipolar disorder

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I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder back in October And started on geodon (140mg) and Lamictal (400mg)

I also take Effexor (300mg), trilyptol (150mg) 

It took me a few months to get my head right and adjust and tweak the dosages. I also had TMS treatment which by the way I swear by.

My only complaint is when I take geodon I am groggy the whole next morning. Like there is no way I can wake up to an alarm clock, I have to let my body wake up after 9 hours or so and may still be groggy.  I also have to constantly time when I take it at night. Like sometimes I can take it at 5 and be out by 8 or sometimes I take it at 5 and can last till 11 pm. This is hard when you have kids and can't rely on the unpredictability. 

Has anyone been in my situation?

has anyone bumped Lamictal up and lowered geodon?

Anyone try Adderal to have help waking up the next morning? I tried 20mg didn't do anything.

please help



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