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Somedays are tougher than others. It's been a week since I've thought about cutting & It's been a year & 7 months since I've last cut. Recently, it's just been hard. I don't know who to talk to. Somedays I just want to stay in bed all day & I either feel too much or nothing at all. And I want so badly to cut. But I don't want to fall back on that. I don't want to feel dependent on that to get through each day. I'm holding on by a thread to keep from hurting myself & I'm exhausted. 

I just wanted to share what I'm feeling with people who know what this shit feels like.


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I used to have a major problem with cutting and had a hard time stopping for a while, so i know what its like.

Some days i feel so crazy, idk what im gonna do next, but eventually i get away from the situation and calm down, otherwise i haven't felt like actually cutting in a long time.

All we can do is try our best and keep going as long as possible, eventually things get easier and you can stop for good.

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