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remeron and irritability

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I've just started a low dose of remeron (15mg). I've been on the medication before and it made me sleep all the time. Now I'm two days in and I'm irritable as all hell. I almost threw a water bottle during a class break because I couldn't handle myself. 

Is this a side effect that will go away? Or is this a sign that remeron is pushing me in a hypomanic direction? It is an anti-depressant, after all.

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I have no idea what it's a sign of since it is only the second day and you can't really tell anything after 2 days. I will say that Remeron at doses over 45 mg makes me irritable because it strongly affects NE at those dosages. 45 mg is really the border for me between feeling like myself and feeling crazy. At 15 mg it's NE effects are negligible. 

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