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finding activities as an adult?

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So curious if anyone has some suggestions for how to find activities as an adult...I'm thinking things like low-cost yoga or just something really random.  I'm not very artistic--I'm coloring pictures by coloring in things, not by drawing them.  I'm also not very exercise-y, but that's more of a need to change.  I'm also open to other ideas.  I've found all sorts of things in my area on behalf of kids because of my job, but few have adult options.

Are there good organizations or places to look?  I know meet-up exists, but my problem is a lot of that seems to be social in nature and I'm not sure I'm at the point of socializing.  I'm more at the point of showing up for something that might be enjoyable, doing it, and leaving.

I think I've seen things through a PAL before, but I don't know if there's one nearby.  Any other ideas? 

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Were I not a hermit and limited somewhat by anxiety and agoraphobia, I would consider activities held at a couple of local libraries which include the following activities:

Various films
Writers' workshops
Book discussions & author readings
"Games for grownups" night where adults apparently meet to play stuff like scrabble, apples to apples, strategy games, etc
There's another fun activity-type group for adults in their 20s and 30s but I'm not going to name it in hopes of keeping my location somewhat anonymous
Microsoft Office classes
Discussion groups with changing topics, e.g. "A discussion of the history of Israel," or a group that meets monthly to discuss US foreign policy issues, supposedly an informal, nonpartisan discussion that is led by a university professor and there's a briefing chapter you read ahead of time to prepare.
"Lunch & Learn" events: You bring your own lunch and they provide dessert, coffee and a lecture. Next topic is about the history of my city's Olympic bids.

Another place to check out is local park districts. One near me has various free outdoor midday concerts. Another one has some adult activities like ceramics, jewelry making, cooking classes and film lectures but you have to pay a fee and a few of the classes are limited to seniors only. There are usually a ton of bridge groups if you're into that (seems to mainly be older people like my mom who play but they're not restricted to seniors as far as I know).

In my area, there are forest preserves and hiking clubs that meet up periodically. And of course knitting/crochet/weaving groups that meet in person. Some are at the library, some at local yarn shops, etc.

It's probably too late in the summer now to register, but the community college closest to me has reasonably priced noncredit courses in things like sewing, nature photography, etc.

I also get almost daily emails from poetryfoundation.org about all of the free readings/workshops/etc. going on nearby. I live in the suburbs of a big city with several colleges so there's always events, including real live writers that publish and such.

Those are just a few things that have appealed to me in the past.

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Either mine or one of the other local counties' system likely will.  My county is slightly poorer, but much more diverse; the other is ritzier.  Both could cause some unique options b/c I'm fairly sure both are well-funded!

Thanks--getting into PHP/IOP sooner rather than later is hte main goal.  That'll give me enough to deal with for a while.  Then I get to make the hard decision of if I get STD, do I terminate it immediately after the PHP/IOP or do I give myself more of a break afterward. 

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My county has "how to dress for success in a job interview" and "learning to use a computer;" the next ritzier county has "top ten steps to getting a federal government job."  I think the libraries may be attracting different crowds.  Regardless, both have some interesting options, so many thanks!  Stuff like mindfulness, coloring (which I do on my own, but could still be fun), board games, tai chi, and yoga.  Lots of other things, but those are the ones that stuck out to me. 

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Do you have a community college or school district with an "adult school" attached to it? Often, my community college and adult school offer courses in things like cooking, dancing, tennis, and other activities, and you don't have to be a current student to enroll.

My particular martial arts school offers classes for the community that aren't the traditional "move through the ranks to get your black belt" style class. 

I wholeheartedly second the idea of looking for classes through the library 

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good call!  There is a community college with three branches and I think one is reasonably close by.  I've always been a bit of a school geek, so depending on price, that might be manageable.  I don't think I could do anything with a reading component (even a page and a half article today was hard), but the kinds of things that you've mentioned don't seem like they'd involve any of that. 

I think I might be mostly trying to improve my weekends.  My PHP keeps me busy from 9:30 to 3:15, but because of distance/travel it's more like 8:15 to 4:30.  And by that point, I'm fairly dead. 

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