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Cardiologist for high heart rate?

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If this is too random, just delete...


for the longest time, I've had a high heart rate when I go to the doctor, which is pretty much the only time it gets measures.  For a while, doctors dismissed it to "white coat fever"--that my anxiety goes up in a doctors office and causes it.  It seemed reasonable, but no one had me bother to find out.

My GI, even though it's completely unrelated,, asked me to actually check it out.  I used the machine at the grocery store twice and came in high also (around 110).  I got a heart rate monitor and came in around the same twice.  These were all different times of day when I wasn't feeling any anxiety I could identify at least.  So I told my GI the results today.

now, when I see my PCP on Monday (unrelated), I'm supposed to check about getting a referral to a cardiologist for at least a stress test and to not start exercising until something like that happens and clears me.  I told her I really don't want another doctor at this point, but she really suggested I didn't ignore it.  Her comment was that I'm essentially in tachycardia the entire time I'm walking around.  So I'll see if my PCP agrees, but she also tends to be cautious.  

I'm curious if anyone has gone down this path before or had this issue come up before.  Did you actually see someone about it?  Does t make sense that I should?  Because as much as I hate a fair number of forms of exercise, I was planning to get started to counteract at least some of the seroquel weight gain.


dances ?

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I think anytime you are concerned about something, it is worth getting it checked out. However, I don't think you have to worry too much about it because I think both Seroquel and Abilify can cause cause an increased heart rate. But, yes, do get it checked out just to be safe.

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thanks--that makes sense.  I didn't know about the seroquel/abilify impact, but that's good to know.  Her comment was I also didn't have to worry too much b/c it's been going on for five or six years and it's not like I haven't been active parts of that time--which was also a bit reassuring, though confusing why it's a problem-ish. 

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I had this problem a couple months ago (right now it comes and goes pretty randomly but still have it) ... very high heart rate (but I also had dizziness, being light-headed, etc), and I was diagnosed with orthostatic hypotension by pdoc and neuro.  I didn't have to see a cardiologist for it.  However if I was advised to do so I would have.  Pdoc and neuro are keeping an eye on it right now, and I haven't needed a cardiologist.

Have you ever worn a holter monitor?

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I think it would be a good idea to ask to wear a holter monitor.  When I had them done, my primary DR was able to order them.  No need to see a specialist for that.

I didn't have bad results or anything with my heart then, but if I had (and I am part guessing on this) I think the primary DR would have sent me to a cardiologist to get checked.  I think it is worth a shot ... better to be safe than sorry.

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