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Olanzapine food cravings help please?

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I was on that for awhile as well. You will find that you can eat and never feel full and that you are wanting to just eat eat eat. I had to consult my pdoc about it. There were some suggestions, like keep a food dairy and do not overeat or go off the planned meals. The food dairy did not work for me cause I was constantly forgetting to use it. The upside of olanzapine is it works, worked well for me. If you can discipline your eating habits after dinner (I found night time to be especially hard when it comes to cravings) Maybe have a pre-planned snack like pudding or a yogurt. Then use distraction techniques to keep yourself from just consuming everything in the pantry. If it becomes to much of a burden consult your pdoc, they may have an alt drug you can take that may not have that side affect.

Another person I was in contact for some time also did a minor workout after dinner, something not too fancy or hard. He was on something different but had the same issue with the cravings, the workout did not make him hungry instead it distracted him enough to keep him from drowning in food, it also helped trim some of that pesky weight that comes with some of these meds.

I hope that helps some.

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Hi dancing, I have kept a food log for 2 years now or at least that is what it turned into from originally being a weight log.

a pre planned snack sounds like a good idea post dinner.

thanks for the good suggestions.


ps. I live at home by myself so there are virtually zero temptations, thankfully.


i find drinking lots of water helps me too.

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I am having a real problem with this right now.

It feels impossible to fight the cravings. I don't really have any advice for you other than to say I feel you and understand.

My pdoc is taking me off it because of the weight gain issue and I'm going onto Latuda (as soon as the pharmacy gets it in).

Good luck with your cravings.

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My solution while being on Olanzapine the past 3 years is to stay away from my parents house as I pig out while I am there and secondly to have next to no food in my house that I will

pig out on like bread and protein bars for example. For breakfast I would have yogurt with granola and fruit. For lunch i would have a small salad at a fast food joint every day and a Banana and for

dinner i would eat fish with light batter or pulled chicken or bake turkey paddies for the next 3 days, wrapped in lettuce. 


Doing all this my weight stayed at 180 over 3 years but my body fat went from 17.5% to 23.5 % and I noticed a little flab around my stomach and arms. Overall I am ok with my

body's composition but it could be better over the past 3 years and I can't wait to get back on Saphris which is weight neutral for me. 3 years is enough of dogging carbs every day, not to say I didn't have

days that I would eat carbs, example, I would get a few tim bits from tim hortons or a protein bar or a few beers, a burger with whole wheat bun from a fast food joint. 

One thing i would not eat was french fries or rarely wheat or granola bars.


***Update***: I find silver hills organic sprouted bread very low on the GI index I can eat 2 pieces a day and not gain weight.

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Well I couldn’t take it isolating myself from the world and having no food in my house I finally made the switch to saphris especially after my sleep all a sudden became a big problem on olanzapine.

life is back to normal I don’t need to isolate myself and I have a full fridge and cupboards now and I can eat like a normal human being again!!!

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