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new favorite article on pap tests

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This is my new favorite article about how to succeed in getting through a pap test if your body has a cervix. I got lots of good ideas from this that I gave to my GP... including the idea that I can just space out and listen to my audio book and generally not be in my body while all this is going on. That worked MUCH better for me than the standard 'empowering' approach of telling me exactly everything she was doing.

I'm still flashbacking like mad. However, am home with dog and comfort food and cats. And completely non-attention requiring audio book (BBC recording of a Doctor Who story).

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I'm sorry you're flashbacking like crazy, but glad you have a furry one and other comforting things.

I have to get one on Monday, but it'll be by my PCP instead of an OBGYN for the first time in years b/c when I asked her for a referral, she asked if I needed anything other than the test and I said no...so she let me know she can do them out of her office.  It'll be weird.  But I think it'll be okay. 

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