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Typical Antipsychotics and Mood?

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My pdoc mentioned a couple yesterday (perphenazine and stelazine I think, among others) to help manage my anxiety/moods.  I know that the typicals can be prescribed off label for anxiety, but I hadn't heard much in regards to mood.

Any input?

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Hm, My pdoc put me on Thorazine (chlorpromazine) for psychosis issues obviously, but I think it did take some of anxieties away as well. As for mood, I wish I knew specifically if it helped, but I was already on depakote long before that, and whatever mood issues I was having (non psychosis related) were taken away. So i guess it can help a bit with the mood from your psychosis issues, but I wouldn't think just that would fix everything, but I'm not a pdoc, so what do I know? Lol

I suppose it just depends on your diagnoses and the presentation of your diagnoses.

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