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So, I'm figuring out that based on my research of this medicine.. There aren't enough people who really took the time to break down a day by day timeline of how this med has helped or hurt. Seeing as this is my 3rd day on it I figure why not be that guy. 


Brief history of how I got here. I am 31 years old and have been struggling with anxiety, gad, panic attacks for the last 10 years or so. When this first started happening I never knew what It was and would always be able to make it go away on my own by blocking it out. Eventually it got more frequent and I was concerned about my health so I went for a check up.. And low and behold here comes the diagnosis ?. Since then here are a list of the medications I have been on (in no particular order) buspar, celexa, lexapro, Paxil,Zoloft, Wellbutrin, adderall and Ritalin (yep someone even thought I was add) Xanax for pretty much the duration and recently added Xanax xr to the mix (highly recommend) I'll get to that later. 


Anyhow after multiple attempts with different ssri's zoloft being the most recent which was great if you like sleeping all the time and never looking at your wife :/ my doctor decided to try me on trintellix. I am on my 3rd day and here are my results thus far:


day 1) took at 9am with a Xanax xr. (I'm always nervous to try a new med so the Xanax was to keep my anxiety back) my mood seemed much lighter than usual and had a boost of energy (not hyper or jittery like caffeine- which I haven't drank for 8 years or more) but just a really refreshed feeling. I had no nausea which is a common side effect just a bit of unrest in my stomach.


day2) took at same time no Xanax taken with it, again had a feeling of energy boost and optimistic outlook on the day. I had planned to do things after work and get things done. All of which I was able to accomplish with little effort to motivate myself. Note: I also drank 6 beers while doing said projects and had no ill effects from that but again everyone is different. Also no nausea today either. Slept like a rock and woke up 30 min earlier than usual and got my day started (my wife was surprised as I was) 


day 3) took same time this morning with no Xanax. Have been on top of things at work and on my lunch I ran errands and got more done. I am honestly starting to feel like the me that I always was and needed to rediscover. No nausea and I have taken on empty stomach all three days. By lunch time there is a little rumble telling me to eat lol. 


I will ill update as I go along, I am on 5mg right now and will be increasing that next week to 10. Hopefully that will be enough to level me out for good. Anyone thinking about trying it you must remember that everyone is different and we're all searching for a common goal. Good luck and best wishes. 


Last.. I have tried different benzos for severe and pop up panic attacks. The only one that works for me is Xanax. I take usually .5 mg and within an hour I'm good to go. Interestingly enough my dr hadn't had too much experience with the extended release and was willing to give it a go with me. Hands down the best benzo out there. Do not expect it to work immediately the onset is about 2 hours for me.. And very mild. It doesn't give you the "boom and bust" feeling of the instant release. And you don't fall asleep in 8 hours when it's fizzling out, in fact I've found that it keeps me calm much longer than 8 hours. Just thought I would throw that in there for anyone reading that might be in similar shoes. 


God old bless and please let me know if there are any questions I can help with!!!

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I hate to be the bearer of bad news ARfire, but when you stop the Xanax or become tolerant to your dose your problems will really begin.  Take it from me.  I was on Xanax er.  Thought it was an answer to my anxiety problems and an answer to many prayers; and it was. Fast forward 2 years.  I tapered for 5 months, then went off totally.  I never could have believed how one little pill could mess you up so badly.  Go on benzobuddies and read story after story.  I have made it my life mission to get the message out to people about benzos.  Doctors prescriibe these pills like candy.  It is malpractice.  They are poison and I am one of thousands who are saying it.  IT'S ALL OVER THE INTERNET.  So many good folks here post all the problems they are having while taking benzos and don't realize they are in tolerance withdrawal.

ARfire, I only wish you the best and pray you look into going off Xanax.  It's meant for short term use (2 weeks).  After that it causes the same problems you went on it for in the first place times 100!  AFTER THE LONG JOURNEY OFF, MOST FOLKS END UP FEELING SO MUCH BETTER.  THEY DID NOT REALIZE THE XANAX WAS MAKING THEM SICK AFTER A SHORT TIME because they became tolerant. 

If you need any advice, please write back.  I joined this group just so I could say this to YOU.


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Very interesting! I have done some reading about the effects of benzos it's so crazy how many different views are out there. Let me start by saying I completely agree with you. They are really only for the initial treatment and should be used to jump start cbt and other things. I should also mention that I do not take them on a daily basis.. I am a total freak when it comes to putting things into my body. I've always had them prescribed to me and typically when I renew my prescription every six months I still have quite a few left that I bring back to the doctor lol. For me they are maybe a security blanket for when the anxiety really grips me, but again there are other ways of dealing with it that I continue to try and learn. It's such a senseless disorder that is so hard to believe you really can defeat with the right mind control. I am really sorry to hear what you had to go through and I can really relate because I did go about 8-9 months without even so much as having one around me even for the pop ups because I wasn't worried about having them. With that being said you're absolutely right about tolerance withdrawal and I will be looking further into this as I do NOT and will not up my dosage on any benzo. Thank you so much for your input!! And what worked for you??

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shopgirl, I have been on and off benzos for most of my life. I've never had a problem with them, and they have in fact been miracle meds for my anxiety. I don't know anyone who had problems with them. There are people who do have problems and they post about it online, and it gives the impression that most people have problems with them which is far from the truth. There is also a lot of anti-psych people posting horror stories just to scare people. So you cannot trust everything you read online. The truth is that benzos are safe and effective when taken as prescribed.

Please don't perpetuate fear mongering.

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Doctors prescriibe these pills like candy.  It is malpractice. 

I'm not sure where you live, but it's effing hard to get any doc here to prescribe benzos because people abuse them recreationally.

Benzos have their place in treatment.


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My regular dr used to give me 30 every 6 months. Once I started losing control of my anxiety again and came back to him at 4 months he referred me out to a psych, he said he was going to anyway as he did not want to even do it every 6 months anymore. 

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I was on citalapram for over 3 years and I had a really bad exascerbation of my major depression a few months back. So he switched me over to Brintellix/now trintellix, and I continued to take clonazipam 0.5mg morning and night. Overall, I feel much better - more "me", less blunted. Able to stay out of bed longer. But...nightmares and restlessness. I already don't get enough sleep on week nights so I'm going to address this again Monday. We talked about it last appointment. Constipation is worse - it is a constant problem. 

Before citalapram I was on Wellbutrin a long time - and in the past 20 years I have at some time used Zoloft, Prozac, Paxil, buspar, lexipro, Xanax, Ativan. That I can remember. 

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It's been a little bit since I have updated on here. I discontinued the trintellix about 3 weeks ago. It was working great for a few weeks until I started to feel completely tensed up every night after work an unable to shut my mind off. This was causing an increase in my anxiety and triggering new and worse panic attacks :( my dr suggested I try Lamictal 25 mg going to 50 as a target dose. So far the Lamictal hasn't made me feel any different one way or the other (I've Been in a pretty sh*tty mood the last few days but I'm not sure if I can blame the medicine) either way I think I'm about done with this one too. I'm considering going back on Lexapro which was the only one out of all of them that gave me the most significant improvements. 

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I'm sorry it isn't working out for you. I was so excited to read your first post. My story is similar to yours in regards to the anxiety and panic and like you I've tried most meds out there. I've just started on zoloft and have my fingers crossed. I'll have to ask my doctor about xanax xr. Generally I take the regular version but I don't like it much because it makes me feel super drugged and tired and I don't like it.

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Hey there! Sorry this is so late!! I lost trAck of time in the constant barrage of trying to figure out what my "miracle" pill might be.. my wife and I had experienced a miscarriage at 12 weeks :/ it actually took my mind of the anxiety and panic for a while but it was till there in the background.. long story short I started back on lexapro with 1 mg Xanax xr in the am to get through the day. I did this for about a month and a half and eventually we were given the green light to begin trying for another child. With that being said.. anyone who has taken an SSRI knows how we that works when trying for a child! I am planning to post in another category about my trying and so far successful withdrawal from all medicines.. I hope you are doing well and I am always here to help discuss experiences or meds that I've had experience with... I will try to keep a closer eye on this!!

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    • By sming
      Hello CrazyBoards,
      I started 5mg Trintellix a week ago and in a nutshell, felt 40-50% better the very next day. Before I get deafened with shouts of "PLACEBO!", think again since I'm treatment-resistant (20+ years) and never expect meds to work - because they nearly always don't. FTR I've tried tens of med combos, treatments, ECT, dTMS unsuccessfully. They either make me worse, have no effect or help somewhat and then poop-out within 2-4 weeks.
      Furthermore my mood started dipping significantly 3 days ago so I upped the dose to 7.5mg last night, again not expecting anything and lo and behold, I felt significantly better - like "naturally" or "simply" better today. 
      Has anyone heard of, or experienced such a rapid improvement?
    • By tangela
      Just thought I would share some experience with Trintellix.  I started 2-3 months ago on 5mg.  mainly for anxiety and depression.  I also take a variety of meds to help me sleep.  Trintellix can be really nauseating when you start (for at least two weeks)  When I moved up from 5mg to 10mg - I became comatose. So, I went back to 5 and it's been great-  It' gives a little boost of energy- similar to vyvanse.  It helps me not to go home and cry everyday.  :-)  I seem to eat less- in terms of general snacking.  What I have found with this med - is even at this low dose- you metabolize alcohol more quickly.  2 drinks can = drunk.  And, if I have a drink and get a little stoned- I'm up vomiting all night.  Just putting the warning out there-  not drinking is the way to go on this med....  wondering if anyone has had similar experiences...  
    • By surfer girl
      Hi everyone,
      I have been on effexor for about 15 years - up and down between 75 and 225.  I thing it has done it's course - i have no motivation and don't get that 'well being ' feeling that i had before meds and when i first started E.  I have tried to come off a few times and get slammed with anxiety and depression in an increasingly short period of time - the last time it was 2 weeks off.  I am a little worried it is withdrawal from E rather than return of depression - i could never understand why it was happening in shorter periods every time i came off.
      Last visit when i talked with my Pdoc, i expressed my concern about 'upsetting the apple cart' by changing meds - i mean I am stable, just not 'enjoying life'.  She suggested agomelatine because i can start taking that at the same time as being on E. since then i have done a lot of research and can't find much really good on agomelatine.  
      I had thought about Brintellix.
      i kind of want to come of E as I have (probably incorrectly) blamed Effexor for my frequent relapses - I almost hate it because of it's short half life and would like to be stable on something else.
      Can I please have some feedback???
    • By nervousnellie
      Hi there,
      I have had great success taking Trintellix (10mg) along with a small dose of Klonopin (.5mg) for a little over a year to control anxiety.  However, I have recently noticed that the smallest thing can make me really angry.  Often this is when I am under some stress (that's another issue -- I stress out extremely easily, but that has ALWAYS been an issue).  This is anger directed at others, not usually myself (although I feel quite guilty once I realize that it was no big deal).  Sometimes it's pretty bad anger (and I'll nag and give lectures to my kids, for example, for very little reason); other times it's just being extremely annoyed (usually it's the latter).
      I have always been the type to get stressed over little things; the Trintellix has not helped with that (but has helped tremendously with anxiety/panic).  However, I feel like I'm angry much more often than I used to be.  Could it be that I need to up my dosage from the 10mg?  Or could it be that Trintellix can actually cause anger?  Or could it be that consistent therapy is in order (can this sort of thing be "cured")?  I feel like I'm ruining my marriage because I get angry at every little thing my husband does/doesn't do.
      One additional note:  I am post-menopausal (about 4 years; went through menopause young).  Could hormones still be at play?  I do have a ton of hot flashes still, so I know I haven't completely adjusted.
      Thank you for any input!
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